Congratulations To Our Project Manager of the Quarter!

We are so pleased to share with you our Project Manager of the Quarter, Kelly Ammann!

unnamed-2Nearly eight years ago, during November of 2007, Kelly joined the Metaverse ranks. Susie South, our Chief Moderator, had met Kelly at another moderation company, and was eager to bring Kelly on board. Susie introduced her to our very own CEO Amy Pritchard who was looking for bright new talent to join the company, and the rest is history!

And while Kelly started in the industry working community management and moderation, she’s been focused on social media for one of our largest clients. Her team works across several social platforms, multilingual, and is 24/7, 365 days a year. She has a great rapport with our fantastic client, and continues to work closely with them to ensure the best (and safest) user experience for their communities as possible. Kelly also lends a hand on several other projects when they need assistance with managerial tasks.

4thplaceKelly is focused, quirky, an eternal optimist, and willing to lend without question. She works hard for Metaverse just as she does her family. David, her husband, is a teacher and (spoiler alert!) also a part of our overall Metaverse team. They’ve been married a little over twenty years and have four children together (make sure to check out this incredibly charming story about her teenaged twins – who are both autistic – from earlier in the year). Prior to work and marriage, Kelly studied abnormal psych (which has proved quite helpful with community management). She loves to barbecue so much so that she actually competes on a team. (Did we mention she lives in Texas?)

When asked about what she believes is an important task in project management, Kelly answered, “I think the most important task to be a great project manager is communication. I feel its a necessity to be able to not only communicate with the client but also be able to communicate with your staff daily about the clients’ needs, the project’s goals, and task feedback, both positive and negative. I started out as a mod like everyone else! One of my goals as a project manager is to be a mentor to my team so they may be as successful as they can.”

Here are some tidbits from her coworkers:

From the moment I started working with her, Kelly has been a saving grace for me. She’s a diligent, strong project manager who is always willing to learn and grow. She’s dedicated to her project, and to her team. When there’s a new event or campaign for our client, she is there 110% to make sure everything flows smoothly, and that communication to and from the team and client happen seamlessly. And she’s always been there for more as well, jumping on tasks or tackling projects without hesitation. THANK YOU, Kelly!
– Izzy Neis, Director of Strategy & Engagement

Kelly Ammann is a strong project manager who always communicates well with People Operations! We appreciate Kelly keeping us informed and always giving us the information we need! Keep up the good work Kelly!
– Gina Miller, Director of People Operations

Kelly is the first PM I’ve worked under as an Assistant Project Manager. I’ve been working with her for two years, and she has taught me so much! She’s a scheduling guru, always has an open ear for concerns or questions, and will go above and beyond for clients. Her responses – to me, other mods, and our clients – are always lightning-quick and super helpful. One of the most important qualities in the management of a remote team is good communication, and she’s really got that down. We are definitely lucky to have her!
– Gen Hopwood, Assistant Project Manager

I met Kelly in a previous moderation setting, before Metaverse even existed. It’s hard to remember a time when Kelly wasn’t my colleague. She approaches her work with passion, determination, and a healthy dose of snark. On a personal note, although I’ve never met her, I’ve watched Kelly’s family from afar, via social media, and have a huge respect for the job Kelly and her husband have done with their four kids, under difficult circumstances. Congratulations, Kelly!
– Susie South, Chief Moderator

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