Project Manager of the Quarter: April 2016

Every so often we like to showcase some of the amazing management talent we have here at ModSquad — and today is one of those days! We are so proud to share with you Michael Bradd-Koger, our newest Project Manager of the Quarter. Michael has been with us at ModSquad for about three years now. Jay Biros, one of our talented Account Managers, was a friend from a previous work experience and recommended the job to him. He came in and was a perfect fit for our company.

“It’s been home ever since!”

Michael Bradd-KogerMichael is serious, ambitious, and methodical, but he’s also quite goofy and fun. In his spare time, he wakeboards, snowboards, loves to cook, hike, and head to various sporting events.

Long before his time at ModSquad, Michael was a lifeguard at Walt Disney World in Orlando. It was the job that helped transform the idea of customer service, and how important quality, empathy, and support are to customers and community. After his tenure with Disney, he worked with Jay Biros at a call center where one of his top clients was Barnes and Noble. And while he’s finishing up his degree at University of Central Florida, he works with us on some of our biggest accounts, like Lokai and the Wharton School of Business.

“As a PM, my main goal is to satisfy my client. To me, the best way to do this is to find passion in whatever project I’m currently working on. This involves making it personal and putting myself in my clients’ shoes. I’m constantly asking myself, ‘If I was the client, how would I want this work to be done best?'”

In his leadership role, he finds teamwork to be at the core of success with his teams.

“To me, the most important task I attend to daily is supporting my team and making sure they know I’m there for them. This is especially important since we work remotely; at times, you can feel like you’re alone in the workplace. At the end of the day, the Mods are on the front line. Supporting them and providing them with everything they need to succeed is key.”

Aside from his role as a project manager, he is also one of our top-notch consultants for Zendesk implementations and troubleshooting.

“There’s no better feeling then meeting a client with a need, whether that be building their Zendesk and Help Center or helping them with workflows to better streamline their support. A lot of times they come to us stressed and worried, but they always leave happy and in a better place.”

Michael is one of the best, most involved project managers we have. He is so very appreciated by his teams, his coworkers, and his managers (and beyond). ModSquad is a better place for having him on board — so thank you, Michael!

My client had a bad experience with a CRM provider, but Michael BK was able to correct some omissions and guide their team in a proper set up and integration of their tools.  The client was extremely appreciative and couldn’t sing Michael’s praises high enough!
— Michael Marcantel, Account Manager

Mike is the type of manager that every Mod wants to work for and every client wants on their side. He’s passionate about providing top-notch service, easy to work with, and always looking for ways to improve.
— Jason Ferguson, Director of Client Services

One of Michael’s clients had a customer call in because they hadn’t received a product. Turns out she had ordered a going-away present for her Marine husband who was about to depart for Afghanistan from a look-alike website instead of our client’s. The client wasn’t available to take a call at the moment, so Michael reached into his own pocket and bought the customer a new one from our client’s website and had it overnighted so that it would arrive before he deployed. That’s amazing dedication to our client’s reputation, to our military servicemen, and to providing unexpectedly amazing client service.
— Lucien Parsons, Head of Services

I have had the pleasure of working with Mike before I came to ModSquad at a call center. I knew ModSquad would be a great place for Mike to grow and do great things. Once his projects came to a close there, I had to make sure he came along with me on this wild ride. Mike has become a big part of our helpdesk consulting team. He is also a thoughtful and caring project manager for all of the clients he gets to work with. Mike makes my job easier, and I can’t be more thankful for that!
— Jay Biros, Account Manager

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