Remote Working Tip: Gamify Your Exercise!

get-fitSitting around on a Wednesday night, or between shifts on a Saturday?  None of your typical movies or games peak your interest?  Maybe squeeze in a workout?  I know, I know, exercise is tedious and exhausting, but it doesn’t have to be…  With your own exercise playing cards, every workout session is new and exciting!

My girlfriend and I both have trouble keeping to an exercise schedule.  Any trainer will tell you it is important to evolve your workout regime as you progress, but this can be a daunting and confusing task.  To avoid having to continually update our workout, we created Exercise Playing Cards.

gaming_poker_cardsTake a deck of poker cards and write exercises on each of them.  For example, one card might have “10 pushups,” or “20 lunges,” or the dreaded “10 burpees.”  Then shuffle your deck and set a goal for how many cards you want to accomplish.  Flip your chosen number of cards and voila! you have your unique exercise challenge set in front of you.

For extra fun, add values to the cards and rack them up during the week.  The person with the highest value gets a prize!

We started out attempting five cards at a time, how many will you attempt?

Rick Fillmore
Project Manager

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