Creator’s Curse: The Distractions

WARNING-_this_sign_is_only_a_distraction_Wallpaper_pcwfiEnjoy this third installment of the Creator’s Curse blog series!  Click here to see Part 1 and Part 2.

Distractions… they can really put a kink in the progression towards deadlines.  Here are some things to keep in mind:

TV is Poison.

TV really is poison for productivity. It’s like stepping into a vortex that enslaves your attention span, and it’s so hard to get out! Once when knitting a blanket, my hands were steadily moving while my mind was on the TV. At commercial break, I looked down and I realized I had accidentally knitted a completely different pattern and had to undo a good deal of my work. This killed my morale.


If you think being anywhere near a TV is going to distract you, work where there is no TV. I’ve gone as far as renting studio space, which can indeed be an affordable option. Bottom line: find a way to build and embrace your focus, and don’t give to that television demon!

Harness the power of digital and social media!

If it’s a creative project (and not work-oriented), I recommend taking pictures of your progress and uploading the photos to your social media accounts (such as Facebook or Instagram).  Also, join online communities dedicated to your medium, or “click and scroll sites” (as I call them), like Tumblr. This is a great way to get critiques and feedback from peers, circulate your excellence (especially if your ambition is to make a profit off of your talent), and it keeps you motivated with the support of your networks.

The Blogging Quandary.

Be very careful about spending your creative energy blogging about your work (at least, this is my opinion). Writing blogs, in itself, is a creative outlet, and can take away from your actual productivity. If you do blog, use it as a tool to overcome creative blocks (like writer’s blocks), or showcase a diary of your work.  And, most importantly, let your work do the talking!  Use pictures with short captions, and keep focused on content product, and not talking about content production.  We only have so much time to expend our creative talents!  Build a plan, and don’t get distracted by it.

If I am posting a picture of my painting or drawing, I will give the title of the piece, the material I used, the medium, the date it was created, the size, and most importantly I will sign the image (or product), or put my name on the digital image. Remember how important ownership is!

For critiques, there are millions of great communities and bloggers looking for subjects to write about, or comment on. Reach out to some! Here are a few useful member sites for creators:

Being part of a creative community is a great motivator, inspires others, and increases creativity and productivity for everyone!

So, what are you waiting for? Start your project, get dedicated, set some deadlines, and share your work!

Dwan McClendon
Project Manager

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