Mod of the Month – July 2015

Every month we highlight a Mod of the Month, as chosen by our project and account managers. It’s never an easy decision as there are some amazing people in our ranks. While we do showcase a lot of hardworking mods who work on multiple projects, it’s always exciting to see a mod who is dedicated to a single project bubble up to the spotlight.

Mod of the MonthThis month we’re celebrating none other than Jessica W. as July 2015’s Mod of the Month!

Jessica has been with us since October 2011 (just shy of 4 years). Metaverse was recommended to her by a friend as a great opportunity, prompting Jessica to leave her day job and join the team.

Before joining Metaverse, Jessica was in the customer service field for years (she started when she was 16 years old!). Jessica is currently working on both of the fantastic family-friendly MMORPGs Wizard101 and Pirate101 for KingsIsle Entertainment. In her words, “It is an absolute joy to work with children and their families!! Plus, who doesn’t love wizards AND pirates!?”

She’s a phenom when it comes to customer support and community moderation. It takes a special sort of mod to really step up to the tasks that come with kid and family digital experiences, and Jessica’s (and her team’s) extra vigilance is vital.

There a true sense of satisfaction when you are able to connect with a community over a shared love of a game. In particular, it is wonderful to experience the joy that children and their families receive from playing games together. A perfect example of this was when we had a dad write in while on deployment in the armed services. He just wanted to thank us for giving him a way to connect to his children overseas. I will never forget that story. It still brings tears to me eyes!

To Jessica, the most important task on any project is to remember that there is a real person on the other end of a CS ticket, or a moderation issue. When you work in an environment where there is no direct contact with customers the human connection can be lost, or certain social queues are missed, and it can be hard to meet the level of need a customer or community member may have.

I strive every day to make sure that my customer is heard, and that I meet their needs to the best of my ability. I truly believe that a little bit of compassion can forge a long-lasting relationship with a customer that in turn will continue to boost and drive business!

She is bubbly, bright, and hard working (and, apparently, a future Martha Stewart).  When not working, she is probably engaged in one or two of her many hobbies: sewing, quilting, cooking, baking, and party planning. (Case in point: “I just got done making my first ever Star Trek baby quilt! I will tell you, embroidery is darn right tricky to learn!”)

I would like to nominate Jessica. She’s been a rock of my team for years now and continues to provide not only great support to the users of our client, but she’s a great source of encouragement and knowledge for her co-workers. She’s constantly going out of her way to keep everyone updated in the latest information in an ever changing world as a project as ours. Her insights help me choose better ways for the team to tackle our tickets and she’s always eager to take on any extra work she can get into.
– Stephen Briggs, Project Manager (nominated her multiple months)

I would like to  join Stephen Briggs and throw my support behind Jessica (although I’m sure every mod listed here is A+++!). I worked with her for a year before joining the People Operations team on a project that she is solely dedicated to. I can say that there is no one more devoted to serving her team, client, and players than Jessica. Her positive approach keeps the team and good spirits, even during high volume times. She will go above and beyond to find solve a player’s question and love every minute of it. She is a rock and her praises should be heralded from the e-rooftops!
– Melissa Kamphuis, People Operations

She bridges the gap between our clients and the public with the precision and care of a community brain surgeon.  She can mold a team to a cutting edge without any extra effort,  as her relentless work ethics and positive morale are contagious. 

When you read her public-facing content, you know she did everything within her power to help AND she was sincerely happy to resolve the issues or answer inquiries. As her past coworker, this is not just fluff, she really has a love for her clients, community, and Metaverse Mod Squad. 

She gives 110% with any task she is given and it shows. — I’m not talking about the 110% used in sports either, I’m talking about the internet 110% that is officially over 9000.

She not only has her finger on the pulse of the community, she can spot and report important trends or issues like a super-computer.  What she does and what she provides for clients embody what we strive to do everyday and on every project.   

Her skills represent MMS as a whole, as our big hearts and ingenious brains will always prevail over programs. She reinforces this fact on a daily basis. 
– Kenny Peebles, Project Manager

Jessica, thank you for your hard-work and dedication to Metaverse Mod Squad. We truly are proud to have you as a part of our team!

Izzy Neis
Director of Strategy & Engagement

Jason Ferguson
Director of Professional Services
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Talk Back

Jessica W.
Posted on July 24, 2015

Wow, I have never felt so loved. Thank you all. You are all so amazing /huggles. I am so blessed to have you all in my life!!

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