Mod of the Month – December 2014

2014 is rapidly coming to a close! And with December being the mega-month it is, we decided to celebrate with TWO mods who have shown excellence in their craft.

For December, we are honored to have Bastian S. and Geneva H. as our MODS OF THE MONTH!

unnamed-1Bastian is one of our bilingual mods who lives in Berlin, Germany.  He joined Metaverse about 13 months.  He shared with us that he feels lucky to work with a great team of colleagues who he also consider friends. In fact, Bastian and several of our bilingual contingent meet from time to time, face to face, which is a RARE treat for our group of global mods.

Bastian’s passions are snowboarding, sailing, basketball, and gaming. His motto is: “no good thing can happen if you haven’t had two cups of coffee in the morning (at least!).” And his epic childhood dream is to own a lightsaber (Bastian: “I’m still working on it!”).

Regarding his experience, Bastian’s own words: “Every time a community member of one of the projects we work on appreciates what you do, it gives me great satisfaction. Sometimes we work in an environment that invites criticism. It is a great feeling when you get the chance to solve certain issues to everybody’s satisfaction.”

He is indeed a natural-born leader and has proven that at every opportunity. If Mod of the Month is supposed to not only reflect everything we look for in a mod, but highlight people we believe could go far at Metaverse, then Basti’s absolutely the perfect pick.
– Guido Schenkel

I had the opportunity to work with him this past month. He truly is a fantastic mod all year round, but he really stepped in and WAY up to fill in for [a peer]. Not because he was asked, but because he saw it was needed and he is a natural born leader and a true mod you can rely on.
– Reg Weiner

unnamed-1Geneva lives in Sacramento, CA, and has been working with us for (almost) two years!  She is motivated and passionate and hard-working. When Gen was a kid, she dreamed of running Nickelodeon’s Neopets site one day (that may not be a reality yet, but: “I am a multi-millionaire in Neopoints!”).

Her favorite thing about working at Metaverse is the people. She lived near our Sacramento office and used to walk past the building all the time and wonder what it was… And now? Now she’s a crucial member of the team and has lifelong Metaverse friends.

Geneva is thankful for her Metaverse mentors who have taught her “way more” than she could ever hope to learn on her own (we doubt that, as we mentioned, she’s quite talented).

Gen Hopwood is my nomination again.  She is always ready to jump on and help where ever she is needed.  Her reports are 100% spot on.  She is an asset to the team.
– Kelly Ammann

She never hesitates to go above and beyond and she is always willing to learn *and improve* new polices, procedures, and expectations. She is an incredible strength and asset to any team she is a part of. Go Gen go!
– Scarlett Dowdy

These are two stellar mods and we are very proud of them!  Our staff work exceptionally hard for our clients and projects, and we’re so glad to be able to showcase the mad skills of some of our elite – especially over the holidays!

This week our staff had a Secret Santa exchange at the Sacramento office.  And we were able to capture some of the joyous festivities.  Please enjoy this little video showing the holiday glee of just a small fraction of our most brilliant and talented Metaverse army of Mods:

We hope you had a wonderful December, fantastic holiday festivities, and you were surrounded by the absolute best.  Here’s to 2015 – may it be filled with success, accomplishments, health, love, and joy all year through!

Izzy Neis
Director of Engagement and Strategy

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