The Super Bowl and Real-Time Social Media Dominance

It’s here. In a few days, titans of football will come clashing down the field in the SUPER BOWL, hosted by our long-time friends and client, the National Football League.

Four quarters, 100 yards, and a world championship is at stake. Long before the game takes place and long before the over-the-top half-time show goes on, marketers, creative personnel, video producers, strategists, and technologists are prepping for real-time dominance. The attention span of millions of viewers, those who love football and can care less for the pigskin, is up for grabs.

To me, the Super Bowl constitutes my own game – the game of seeing what campaigns, ideas, videos, and promotions will dominate Sunday night. Here are the three areas I’ll be watching.

1.     Twitter

With the amount of executive changes happening at Twitter, including a new CMO, Twitter will be pulling out all the stops to keep people tweeting, reading, laughing, moments-sharing, and retweeting. Twitter tends to be the place where #Brandbowl happens as well: marketers and industry watchers commenting on the television ads.

2.     Facebook

Better late than never, Facebook recently launched Facebook Sports Stadium, a real-time sports mecca for fans alike. With in-game stats, analysis, and game rivalry trash talk, I plan on watching my husband’s Facebook screen in between Super Bowl plays. I like the idea of Facebook Sports Stadium focusing purely on the game and sports. I don’t know if television ad chatter will seep through into sports chats, but it’s something worth watching.

3.     Key & Peele

Comedy Central’s Key & Peele will be joining the real-time conversation on Sunday – with a twist. In partnership with Squarespace, the comedy duo will be streaming real-time content during the entire game. Set in character, Key & Peele will be providing analysis, ideas, and thoughts throughout the Super Bowl – but they will not be able to say anything about the game. Not a word. Nothing. As a fan of Key & Peele, I plan on keeping this live stream going on one of my devices. If you recall, Squarespace was also behind the hilarious ad featuring Jeff Bridges and his sleeping sounds.

While I enjoy my family-award-winning seven-layer taco dip and sipping my favorite pale ale, I’ll be toggling between all three sites above. Happy Super Bowl To Me! And to our tremendous client, the National Football League, congrats on #50!

How about you? How will you be watching the game?

Blagica Bottigliero
VP of Digital Media

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