Come say Hi to Us At #E3, #CallCenterWeek, and #IRCE

It’s a wonderful time to travel, and this fine week we have several team members attending various fun events across the western portion of the United States.  If you happen to be at one of the events mentioned below, please look for us!

E3 Expo
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Gamers rejoice! It’s a week of title and console launches, announcements, and celebrating game-geekery. Whether you’re a console gamer, or a computer gamer, E3 is the place to be!  And if you cannot be there?  Never fear, Metaverse Mod Squad to the rescue!  We currently have two gents on the ground, roaming the floor, and meeting as many people as they possibly can (in a relatively small industry like ours, it isn’t just networking, it’s building friendships). Also, we’re LIVE-COVERING the event on our super stealth Tumblr page.  Should you happen to see Matt Hostler or Scott Rusnak during your E3 adventures, make sure to say hi!  And, if you mention reading this post to Scott, you may request a solo dance from him (the Irish Jig is particularly fun).  Oh, and tell him Izzy said you’d do it. 🙂

Call Center Week
GDC Booth 2010It’s Call Center Week in Las Vegas, NV!  This is the #1 event for customer support call centers, with 4 days of panels, roundtables, case studies, and a vibrant expo floor.  It’s a very popular event, with over 1,500 people estimated for attendance this week, and over 350 companies represented.  This is a great chance for us to talk about the benefits of our services, particularly the value of true human to human communication, and the value of context and understanding in customer support.  We’ll be in there force with Mike Pinkerton, Joi Podgorny, Scott Rusnak (once he finishes up with E3… busy guy), and Ryan Cundiff.  Just look for us at Booth #2, say hi, make some new connections, and play with one of our cool old school View Finder toys (who doesn’t love a little does of nostalgia?).  If you mention this blog post, you might even get to take one home (your kids will love the swag).

south-north-cityFinishing off the week, you can find us roaming the amazing conference floor at 2014’s Internet Retailer Conference and Exhibition in good ole Chicago, Il.  Our VP of Business Development, Mary Lex, will be available for connections, networking, and helping to spread the good word about Metaverse Mod Squad services (and how we can help YOU find success is your customer-facing outlets).

If you’re interested in learning more about Metaverse Mod Squad, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.  Also, we’ll be sharing our insights, activities, and experiences via our Twitter account (@Metav3rse) for all three events.  Follow and tweet to us!  We’d love to get to know you.

Izzy Neis
Director of Engagement & Strategy

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