Is Tactless Digital Advertising Turning You Off?

Video-Click-BaitClickbait. We see it everywhere. In fact, it’s seems to be getting more pronounced and universally expected as time passes. But when does the value of a click supersede the value of the content?

What is clickbait?

Clickbait headlines typically aim to exploit the “curiosity gap”, providing just enough information to make the reader curious, but not enough to satisfy their curiosity without clicking through to the linked content.

Essentially, it’s a bit of tomfoolery mixed with creative writing and business tactics.

And what about those poorly placed ads?  Articles about medical health compounded by get-thin-quick-pill ads. Devastating digital coverage on a current world issue, such as a deadly earthquake, surrounded by ads like “33 celebrities that died tragically young.”  Where’s the tact in digital media buys and content publishing?

Screen Shot 2015-05-05 at 1.40.10 PM

Our very own VP of Digital Media, Blagica Bottigliero, poses the question:

How has digital marketing gotten to a point where publishers and advertising teams aren’t taking the extra step to check context and content?

Please check out her piece on LinkedIn: “The Content Marketing Company You Keep Is Turning Us Off. Really.”  She covers digital ad buys, clickbait, and content within advertising and marketing – it’s fantastic!

Izzy Neis
Director of Strategy & Engagement

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