Metaverse and Agencies: A Dynamic Duo

Google “great partnerships” and you’re immediately served up pictures of some iconic teams: Batman and Robin, the Wright brothers, Jobs and Wozniak. Individually great, but together they’re true power couples. Since starting Metaverse Mod Squad in 2007, we’ve been about great partnerships. We have created some amazing relationships, particularly with advertising and public relations agencies. Like the best business, sports, or entertainment teams, our partnerships work because we bring a distinct set of skills that help make each other better at what we do.

Right now, many agencies are hosting their annual offsites for planning and budgeting. We wanted to reminisce about some good times with our agency friends and point out how the right partnership can help them show their clients amazing customer engagement in 2016.

Scale and Speed
Servicing clients means working on their timetables, and no one understands this better than another service company. Agencies have a finite amount of resources with which to serve their clients and, as such, can find it difficult to meet expectations when the ask is “now” or “in three days at 6:00 a.m. in London.” Sure, you can have your staff pull an all-nighter or bring on freelancers to help, but then you’re stuck with the extra work of finding the right talent. Time that should be spent on strategy and creativity is siphoned away to focus on recruitment and talent management. Just try to find time to track your current campaigns and PR engagements when you have a looming deadline that you need to prioritize.

(Agencies who have worked with us, such as Herraiz Soto out of Barcelona, will tell you that we can scale up an experienced and skilled workforce of 5–100 people in days then quickly and efficiently scale back.)

Moderation and Customer Listening
Agencies pride themselves on having insights into audiences and consumer markets that can help their clients be successful. Sometimes the research work and follow-up listening has to be done at odd hours and on social channels that may not be the agency’s area of expertise. Since Metaverse utilizes our global talent network, we can staff the best talent in our Mod community with local language and knowledge to support your efforts.

Customer Support
When it comes to customer support, most marketing and agencies punt to the client’s customer support desk. Yet in today’s social media arena, the necessary customer support may not be about the product or the company, but rather related to the ad agency’s campaign. Take, for instance, a telethon where the questions may be related to the fundraising, rather than the sponsoring company’s products. Metaverse can work with the agency to design the best support opportunities and messaging.

Technical Skills
There are many different tools for monitoring, ticketing, and analyzing the success of customer engagement programs. We pride ourselves on understanding what advantages each one brings, and how we can use them to support the work we do with our partners. We are the left brain to our right brain agency partners.

Mary Lex
SVP Business Development

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