No, Seriously, Metaverse Mod Squad Website Hacked!


By now, you’ve no doubt already seen your share of April Fools’ Day pranks, but we’re only sorta foolin’ around here. Today we’re excited to announce a visit to will take you to a completely new site and resources. Hacks they are not, our friends at Brave People have been working with us over the past few months (OK, several months) to create a website refresh that goes beyond style and ensures it will continue to be a valuable resource for our clients, our Mods, and the entire digital community.

Digital Engagement is Our Movement

ModStyleMopedsThis is truly a proud-founder moment for me. You’ll see we’ve kept much of the 60s Mod look and feel on the site, chock full of Vespas, roundels, and graffiti. Inspired by the original Mods, we have always been, and continue to be, about a movement. Our movement is in response to technology, generational diversity, and audience expectations that are constantly changing and have a huge impact on how we engage with other. Our movement helps businesses master and stay ahead of the way these forces influence their customer and community relationships. Together, we’ll continue to create top-notch digital engagement experiences. After all, isn’t it all about our relationships in the end?

Keeping the Movement Going

ModWallArtThere’s so much more we have planned for 2015, so don’t touch that dial. We invite you to keep up with us by subscribing to our blog, bookmarking our new site and joining our digital communities on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Thanks for being part of the movement.


P.S. Check out our new video and tell us what you think.

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