Metaverse: The Internet’s #Superheroes!

unnamed-2The mods of Metaverse Mod Squad are the superheroes of the Internet. No, we can’t fly (yet), but just as Batman protects the citizens of Gotham, and Superman guards Metropolis, our mods watch over some of your favorite online communities.

We can’t shoot optic blasts or move faster than a speeding bullet; and contrary to popular belief, we don’t actually have spider sense (although our intuition is legendary, and could easily be mistaken for an extraordinary super power).

We are highly-trained, adaptable, and experienced.  We have mastered the tools of our trade, and we possess a diverse set of skills. These essential skill-sets makes us sort of like Batman, Iron Man and the X-Men all rolled into one – but for the digital frontier. We battle the bad guys who are spamming, hacking, flaming, and trolling your online communities. We’ve even got our eyes out for potentially dangerous Predators.

We may be moderating silently behind the scenes like an Agent of S.H.I.E.LD., or we might be wielding the ban-hammer like Thor right in front of your eyes. Either way, when Metaverse is on the job you can trust that your community is in good hands. We’ll keep your community happy, safe, and free of Carnage!

Are you in need of some superhero help? Send out your own bat-signal and contact us at [email protected]. Like any good superhero team, we’re always keeping an eye on the digital frontier, staying vigilant and providing help whenever and wherever we can!

Jason Ferguson
Director of Client Services

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