Spotify: a Customer Support Case Study

Ever wonder how Spotify handles customer support?

How do they provide fast, high-quality support to over a half billion users and 210 million premium subscribers all over the globe?

Who is at the top of their customer support playlist?

ModSquad, of course.

Why? Because our “unique and disruptive” model gets Spotify the results they’re looking for:

  • Fastest time to ramp
  • Highest on-demand scalability
  • Lowest shrinkage
  • Top quality
  • Ongoing, data-driven optimization

How fast? How high? How low? How good?

Get all the details in our Spotify case study and learn why they say we’re “a trusted, invaluable partner” and that “it’s changed our operation for the better.”

If you’re ready for top-notch CX services, it’s time to put ModSquad at the top of your playlist. Send us a message or book a time.

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