Family adventures made easy with navigation apps!

unnamed-3Summer is my favorite time of year; school is out, the kids are free, and the weather is warm. The only down-side is filling the long summer days with activities and adventures for the kids. This summer I decided our family would have season tickets to Hershey Park!  Oh, the endless perks of living near “The Sweetest Place on Earth.”

My own childhood (and teen) years were riddled with Hershey Park memories. Naturally, I want my kids to have the same happy memories and fantastic experiences. The only difference for me (this time around) is that I’m the dreaded responsible one.  Oh dear.  It’s now my priority to ensure they’re eating healthily (and my darlings can be so picky), they’re finding the bathroom (and quickly), and we’re locating the rides suitable for their height; all while battling large crowds and long lines. Sounds like a rather tiresome challenge – or it would if we were not living in this marvelous digital age.  As the saying goes, “there’s an app for that.”

unnamed-2Hershey Park Mobile App provides smooth and helpful navigation. It quickly points me in the right direction for all my/our needs. There is a GPS enabled map of the entire amusement park which allows me to view the various attractions, their locations, as well as find shows, games, shops, bathrooms, and dining areas.  I can pinpoint my exact location (and the location of my car!), and I can enable filters to display only the rides suited for the kids’ heights. The filter will also show information about each ride, such as ride type, ride rating, and any additional restrictions the ride might have. The app even gives current wait times, and provides videos of each attraction before jumping in line (especially handy for those who are nervous or unsure of a ride). All in all, it makes our visit very efficient and allows time for extra FUN!

mde6If your summer vacation brings you further than Hershey Park, I have learned there is also a Disney World Mobile App that lets you check into a ride before you get there so you don’t have to wait in line! How cool is that?

The Philadelphia Zoo App has an interactive day planner so you can plan out all the attractions you want to see, and schedule a spot for lunch in advance.

Don’t like reptiles? Skip the Zoo entirely! The Sesame Place Mobile App helps you track down your favorite characters. Does your child anxiously want to meet Big Bird? No problem, check the app!

No matter where your day trip (or summer vacation) may lead you, make sure you check iTunes or the Google Play Store before heading out! Finding the right app to help plan and support truly minimizes the frustration, and allows you to enjoy the trip (and your family) to the fullest!  Have a great app to recommend?  Know some digital tricks of the trade for family travels?  Please share in the comments!

Tera Tilden
Project Manager

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