Dogs of Metaverse!

unnamed-2Various studies and articles have shown that having animals in the workplace creates a friendlier and less stressful work environment – and I concur. I cannot tell you how glad I am that we, at Metaverse, have various work scenarios (like remote working/work from home opportunities) for our teams. There’s no cure to a tough phone call or work session that a game of tug-of-war can’t solve. Sprout and Cocoa (my labs) are always ready to step in as emotional support whenever necessary.

Sure, they’re not the most productive office mates sometimes, but they’re excellent additions to the security team. They rarely contribute anything useful to Skype conversations with my co-workers, but they’re on the lookout for anything that might disturb our efforts (watch out hired squirrel-spies, my dogs are gunning for you)! Not to mention, they force me to get up and enjoy some of that fresh air beyond my home office.

From this dog-friendly opportunity Metaverse has rewarded me, I now know that I’ll never be able to work in an environment without my furry friends again, and I’m pretty sure my fellow Metaversians agree!  We love touting our legions of amazing mods across the world, but its not often we get a chance to speak of the animal friends working right alongside some of us daily.

Here’s just a few:

Lol, Char! Repost from @charferrara80: "Play dead" #modsnotcubes #dogsofmetaverse#l #officedog #wfh #remotesupport

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Our Matt R. is snuggling with his 4-legged bestie, Kai. Best work break ever! #dogsofmetaverse #modsnotcubes #wfh #officedog

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