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Metaverse’s StarCraft Army

starcraftWorking at Metaverse Mod Squad is a lot like playing StarCraft to me. No, I don’t mean that we play games all day (although now that I think about it, some of us do). If you’ve ever played StarCraft (or any Real-time strategy game for that matter), you understand the need for specialized units to deal with specialized situations. For example, if you’re looking for a rush attack, pumping out a few Zerglings might lead to a quick and easy victory. On the other hand, if you want to play defensively, set up some turrets and tanks and decimate your enemies as they approach.

Metaverse is a lot like that. With our diverse team and wide array of skills, we can offer numerous different services to our clients. Customer support, moderation, social media… you name it. We. Do. That.

So what exactly does Metaverse’s StarCraft army look like? Let’s take a closer look…

Community Management

The community manager is a point of communication for online communities. They manage teams of moderators, support agents and QA testers, while serving as a hub of information at the same time. Sound familiar? Yep, our community managers are like a Zerg Hive! The Hive is the creepy structure at the core of any Zerg army, helping to pump out new units and expand the creep (or in this case, your community!). No Zerg army can survive without a Hive just like no online community can truly flourish without a community manager.


Our moderators patrol the online world on the lookout for bad behavior and inappropriate content. In this way, I guess you could say we’re sometimes like Ghosts… lurking behind the scenes undetected to scout the situation. And of course, if things start to get out of control… BOOM! Our Ghosts, er, I mean our moderators can drop a nuke on you (or in our case, we drop the banhammer).

Customer Support

Got questions? Our customer support team can help! They’re always there to address concerns and lend a hand in any way possible. Numerous StarCraft units could be compared to our amazing support agents, but Medics would have to be the most obvious. Just as our support agents ease the frustration of your community members, a Medic can heal your army so they’re as good as new. Where does it hurt?

Social Media

Simply put, our social media team is filled with geniuses. They’re practically wizards when it comes to helping you expand your social media. Whether you want to improve the look of your Facebook page, increase your number of Twitter followers, or need someone to tackle your online advertising, you’ve come to the right place. Many StarCraft units can be considered versatile like our social media team, but few are more versatile than the Hydralisk. They’re relatively low cost, powerful, and can attack both ground and air. What more do you need?

Quality Assurance

Our QA testers are pros at finding the bugs in your app, game or website.  Those pesky Zerg are often compared to bugs, so I guess that means our QA team is an army of Zealots. Even when the number of bugs seems daunting, they stand little chance against an army of Zealots. Sure, you can pump out a small army of Zerglings in a flash, but just a few Zealots can stop the Zerg rush.

Just as the ultimate StarCraft army consists of the right combination of units, so does the team at Metaverse Mod Squad. Drop us a line and find out how our army of moderators, support agents, community managers and more can help lead you to victory!

Jason Ferguson
Account Manager

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Posted on May 31, 2013

What Starcraft 2 league are the Metaverse clients in? I heard Metaverse helps their clients get into the Grand Master league for moderation, CS, community management, and QA. Just sayin… 😀

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