Our First Project Manager of the Quarter in 2016!

It’s a new year, and a new chance to celebrate some of our hardworking, talented mods on staff. We’re so proud to share with your our newest Project Manager of the Quarter, Mr. Matt Ramsey of Gainesville, Florida!

Matt has been with ModSquad for 3 years. A fellow project manager, Michael Koger, recommended the company, and within no time, Matt was onboard.  Matt is currently one of our Zendesk pros on staff, and he helps with implementations and tech consulting. And while we all think Matt Ramsey could tackle any discipline (moderation, community, social media, etc), Customer Support is where he excels most, and what he is most comfortable working on.

I also love working with clients on making their customers really happy.

1375274_2552016200417_335980064977285050_nMatt is logical, analytical, and calm, but he also has his goofy side (prerequisite for many of us at ModSquad). He spends his offline time hiking, cooking, watching sports, and spending time with his girlfriend and his dog, Kai.

Long before ModSquad, Matt attended Eckerd College near his hometown in Florida. He obtained a degree in computer science as well as a degree in business administration. He also spent time as a camp counselor (as many of our amazing staffers have done), a teacher, and an independent web designer.

As a project manager, it has always been Matt’s goal to ensure the success of the client.

In my opinion, our work at ModSquad involves taking a personal stake in our clients and their customers, and ensuring that their customers are treated as a long-term assets, worthy of respect, understanding, assistance, and care.

Matt’s style of project management is to ensure that his support teams employ a holistic, customer-first, approach to solving customer’s issues. And he builds extremely strong teams as well.

‘People’ are the most important part of my job — maintaining good relationships with people, clearly communicating with people. There can be many moving parts as a ModSquad project manager, it’s imperative to give 100% to all the key parts involved, from teams to vendors to clients, and beyond.

Some of Matt’s proudest moments at ModSquad happen when he sees a mod whom he on-boarded, trained, and managed go on to become a project manager. And for any of the current mods looking to move up into management positions, he highly advises you to ask questions, and learn how to ask the right questions. There are a lot of people in ModSquad who have different experiences, talents, and knowledge, and never be afraid to reach out.

Here are some of the insights shared by his colleagues:

Matt Ramsey is one of those highly valuable people that any organization is lucky to have.  He’s the guy who says ‘I’ll take care of it’, and you KNOW it’s going to be taken care of, with absolute certainty.  He has a wide breadth of knowledge in his field, as well as a great rapport with clients.  Plus, he’s a pretty funny guy.  That’s never bad.
– Rich Weil, SVP of Global Operations

Matt is AWESOME!  He is dedicated, reliable, self-motivated, a team player and best of all a hard worker.  He is someone that will go to great lengths to get the job done.  It is a privilege and an honor to work with him and have as a part of our team.
– Theresa Galle, Account Manager

Matt’s the man… Every opportunity I’ve had to work with Matt he’s been nothing short of stellar. He goes above and beyond to ensure everyone is taken care of, and does so without being asked. If I ever need advice on how to handle a client or mod issue, Matt is usually the first manager I approach. I’m extremely thankful to have had the opportunity to work with him throughout the years, and I couldn’t thank him enough for all the knowledge and kindness he has shown me.
– Mike Koger, Project Manager

Matt Ramsey is a ModSquad superstar. Starting up a challenging new project? Need to do a deep-dive on some CS metrics? Trying to optimize services for a client? Matt is your go-to-guy and he’s always happy to help. He’s great with clients and mods, and he has a the skills necessary to run projects of all sorts. Working with Matt is an absolute pleasure!
– Jason Ferguson, Director of Client Services

Matt is professional, pro-active, and super responsive. He’s got a great command of the business and is readily available to help those around him and our clients.
– Steve Henry, VP of Interactive Services

Matt Ramsey is at the very top of his game, a project manager we can always rely on. He’s capable of leading any sized team, or working in concert with the top levels of management here at ModSquad to tackle the most complex issues we can throw at him. Matt regularly provides support to projects all over the company, and even steps in as part of the Services team to make sure we never fail to meet a client’s expectations. There is no better recipient of this recognition.
– Josh Smith, Strategic Management Specialist

Matt is one of the most reliable and dedicated people I’ve had the opportunity to work with. The best part about working with Matt is knowing he cares as much as I do about every client and task we take on.  I never have to worry when I have a project in Matt’s hands. His technical experience and passion for everything he does with us at ModSquad really shines. Having Matt on my team helps me sleep better at night.
– Jay Biros, Account Manager

Matt, you’re a top-notch member of our team, and we’re so grateful for the time, effort, dedication, and general awesomeness you bring to us!  Thank you, and keep it up.

Izzy Neis
Director of Strategy & Engagement

Jason Ferguson
Director of Client Services

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