To the Future: Virtual Reality

Virtual reality (VR) is about to make a huge comeback this year, and in the coming years, VR stands to change the full entertainment experience, from games to television and movies, and will have a profound impact on how we live, work, and learn.

Matt Virtual Reality“Presence” is a term used commonly by enthusiasts, and I believe it sums up the VR experience best. With this technology, you feel like you’re physically present elsewhere, and not just watching it from a screen. Innovation is moving us away from passive experiences and toward embracing the immersiveness of a virtual world. Storytelling will no longer rely heavily on empathy to direct story and context but instead allow you to create your own experience within a prescribed landscape.

If you haven’t experienced the new wave of virtual reality, go pick up Google Cardboard immediately. For a few dollars, you’ll get a taste of how far VR has come and get a glimpse into the future.

Ever dreamt of being an astronaut and bearing witness to the first steps on the moon? That experience is available right now. And while time travel isn’t possible (yet), VR can craft a general idea of what it might be like. Imagine growing up with virtual reality in history class, where you can experience historic speeches as part of the crowd. Or in science class, where the galaxy is literally at your fingertips, and frog dissection no longer requires the sacrifice of a real frog. Doctors in third-world nations might learn the latest advancements in surgery with the best teachers available. In a sense, collaboration, opportunity, and availability will no longer be hindered by space or time.

And while virtual reality isn’t actually new (yes, it’s been a concept for quite some time), the technology is much more available, comfortable, and relatively inexpensive. As VR specialists continue to aggressively innovate, these experiences will become more and more common.

Just think, sometime in the near future, dreams will become reality.

Matt Hostler
Account Manager

For more on Virtual Reality, check out this great video from The Medical Futurist:

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