4 Key Takeaways from PlayStation Experience

Metaverse Tumblr Playstation ExperienceThe phrase ‘Vegas, baby!’ has a whole new meaning for us, after an incredible weekend at PlayStation Experience.

A small contingent of Metaverse mods accompanied me to the Sony PlayStation event, where we managed to capture and share a healthy dose of photos and videos on our Tumblr account.  There were booths and playable games for as far as the eye could see, character cosplay, the bright lights of Vegas, life-sized replica content, and long, long lines of people anxiously awaiting entry to speakers, announcements, and concerts.  If you want a full view of the experience, I highly recommend you scroll through our Tumblr posts from the weekend.

Here are a few of my take-aways from the weekend:

1. When Music Meets Gaming

My favorite part of the weekend was the A Night Under No Man’s Sky concert. Hello Games, the developer of No Man’s Sky, invited the band 65 Days of Static to perform live, while synced game footage played in the background. The band has been composing the music for the game (which will be out next year). It was an amazing crossover of games and music.

2. Drawn To Death

drawntodeath1A great surprise this weekend wasn’t just the announcement of David Jaffe‘s new game, Drawn to Death, but the manner in which the development team handled their live demo.  The game was announced at the keynote, and subsequently it was available and playable on the show floor. The best part (and typically unheard of) was the fact the development team was completely available to chat after you played. We spent a good 10 minutes discussing the good and bad parts of the pre-alpha demo.  They were open to all feedback, which was very refreshing to see.

Here’s a trailer for the game (not for the squeamish):

3. More Virtual Realty

project-morpheusI’m happy to say that VR isn’t just hype. It’s real, and really amazing! We showed up early on Sunday to make sure we got to try out Project Morpheus, a PlayStation VR headset. It was incredibly immersive, and it is a peek into the future of games.

It may not be available for a while, but it’s going to shake up the industry when it does come out.

4. No Man’s Sky

Again, a big take-away from this weekend is that No Man’s Sky is the game to keep your eye on.  It will usher in a wave of procedurally generated games without a doubt.  Why is it so revolutionary? When playing, you won’t ever see the same thing twice.  This new approach to with technology, story, and gameplay ensures a true sense of discovery and a unique experience.

We cannot thank our friends at PlayStation enough for the tickets to the event. It was incredible!  If PlayStation Experience was any indication of the industry’s creativity and progression, 2015 is going to be an epic year in gaming.

Matt Hostler
Account Manager

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