Valentine’s Day: Show Your Customers You Care

Cupid’s in the air, and it’s time to spread the love to your customer base. Show them you care. Whatever your industry, it’s time to figuratively woo them with flowers and chocolates (lots and lots of chocolate). Your goal, this Valentine’s Day, is to turn your customers into brand advocates.

One of the most effective ways to do this is to catch them off guard, surprising them with something that delights them. For some companies, that will be instant discounts or coupons. Others might offer exclusive access to content or sale items. Whether you’re a brick-and-mortar operation or a digital enterprise, this loyalty-building strategy will go far in solidifying those long-term relationships. You can roll out the surprises across all platforms, from web and social media to in-store events, mobile ads, and marketing efforts.

In the video game industry, for example, it might be easy to take your customers for granted. Once you’ve got them hooked, the best games will keep users engaged on a daily basis. But you want more than just a happy customer; you want a dedicated evangelist who’ll share their passion for your brand at every opportunity.

You might go about achieving this in a variety of ways. On February 14, or throughout the month, your players might be surprised and delighted by:

  • Bonus gems, extra lives, or free points/coins/power
  • Unexpected tweaks that offer limited-time enhancements to your game’s world
  • Fun new characters
  • In-game contests offering cool swag
  • Community challenges that bring users together for an original mission

This Valentine’s Day, there’s still more love that needs to be shared. Don’t forget to show your appreciation to your employees. Happy workers are that much more likely to offer stellar customer service, moderation, or even game design. Your customers will feel the residual effects when your employees feel appreciated. After all, it’s love that makes the world go ‘round.

Ren Kainth
Sales Director Europe

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