A Sincere Thank You

Before the holidays, our CEO, Amy Pritchard, wrote a wonderful post thanking the mods and staff for helping build the Company into everything it has become. In light of that post, I wanted to share what working for MMS has meant to me.

PTSDDue to a series of unfortunate events, I ended up with PTSD and severe social anxiety issues in the middle of 2012. It was so severe I couldn’t leave the house by myself without having panic attacks so bad I couldn’t breathe or move – which, if you know anything about panic attacks, only made them that much worse. I was actually told I qualified for disability because of the severity of the panic attacks. However, I didn’t want to sit around being miserable for a small sum of government money every month, and I felt I had a choice about that if I could only find SOMETHING I could do.

I had worked in customer service type positions since the age of 16, which was something I mentioned in a Facebook post. Low and behold, Nicole Hawkins, who worked with one of our more lucrative projects at the time, told me I should apply straight away and without hesitation. So I did. Although I didn’t manage to respond *quite* quickly enough to hop on to that particular project, Savannah Lewis indeed saw my name and hopped on me like a limpet on a shark – and thus I began my relationship with Metaverse Mod Squad.

The work, I found, was simple – though it required effort, it was straight-forward and fun. Find the tone the Client wants, respond back to customers in said tone – and rock their world and provide them the best customer service they ever did see. Never content to simply do the bare minimum, I began applying myself in earnest. With Savannah’s guidance, I quickly got the hang of things and began assisting in a variety of special projects, canned response drafting, and assisting other mods on the project when they too had questions.

Challenge_acceptedSince that time, I have been invited to become a project manager, and I’ve had the opportunity to work on some amazing things, including a quite challenging project.  I’ve also been able to assist in the overall growth of the company (keep those new hours rolling in! :)). I am able to work – and perform well – with this type of service, and I love it. Metaverse Mod Squad helped provide me with the opportunity to utilize the skills I already had and work within the confines of my illness.

And simple words fail me to describe just how much the opportunity to shine and be able to provide for myself truly means to me.

Ashe Wilson
Project Manager

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