It’s Metaverse Summit Season

It’s been about a year since Facebook changed its name to Meta and got everyone talking about the Metaverse again. And not just talking. Folks are theorizing, strategizing, testing, building, and, of course, attending conferences.

Last month we sponsored and attended The Metaverse Summit USA. Our own Head of Digital, Izzy Neis, chaired the first day and the senior leaders from ModSquad turned out in force. This week our Chief Experience Officer, Rich Weil, will be attending the Metaverse Summit. Be sure to say hello!

Despite instances of the Metaverse being around for at least two decades, it’s interesting to note that we’re still discussing foundational questions such as “What IS the Metaverse?”. What isn’t surprising are discussions about the key technologies that will define the Metaverse going forward. How will we use blockchain? How immersive will it be? Will it require headsets and haptic suits? 

Regardless of the details, the Metaverse (just like the Internet today) is going to be about people. How they are going to interact with each other, what kinds of new behaviors will we see and, most importantly, how companies and brands will ensure that these behaviors are appropriate for the relevant time and place.

And we know that communities will need engagement, customers will need support, and content will need moderation. We’re already there, rez’d and ready to go.

See you in world,

Rich and Izzy

— Rich Weil, CXO

— Izzy Neis, Head of Digital

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