Kindness Goes A Long Way

You’ve probably heard the phrase “pay it forward” a few times in your life, but have you ever really given thought on what it refers to? Luckily, I’ve heard of the gesture once or twice in my life, but surprisingly didn’t know it had a name until just recently. Essentially, to pay it forward is to do a good deed for someone without asking for anything in return. This is an act of kindness that continues to get passed along to everyone and anyone it is passed on to.

pay_IdeasI was actually fortunate to be a recipient of a random act of kindness last month while having lunch with my mother. We went along our usual chit chat over Monday’s lunch. When it had come time for us to pay the bill, our waiter had brought the check out and indicated that the amount had already been taken care of by an undisclosed party. Alongside the check was a note that read, “Hope you two enjoyed your meal. Please pay it forward when you can!” We simply could not believe it! This was the first time we’d ever experience something like this. So naturally, we thought it was a joke or a prank played by Ashton Kutcher. But no – it was the real deal! The generous stranger had picked up our tab of $38.43. After boasting about the wonderful act of kindness on my social media page, I went home to research “pay it forward,” and the more I seemed researched the more I discovered how colossal this phenomenon really is.

spreadApparently, frequent Starbucks coffee drinkers love to “pay it forward” by picking up the tab for other customers waiting behind them in the drive-thru line. The same goes for those who go out to dine. Naturally, I took one of these ideas and decided to pay it forward by picking up the tab for the family of 4 in the drive-thru behind me. Passing that act of kindness along was something so entertaining and whole-heartedly genuine that I decided to do it 2 more times. Each time became even more delightful and exciting than the last!

At the end of the day, I continue to have strong faith in humanity knowing that people generously contribute through various forms of kindness yet ask for nothing in return. So with that – I encourage you all to take the time to consider doing something nice for someone what ever it may be. Your never know, the slightest act of kindness could completely turn someone’s day around. If we could continue to contribute and spread the kindness, I think it would be a good start to something grand!

Adrian Lopez
Project Manager

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