Around the World with Cheer: The 2022 ModSquad Holiday Spectacular

The holidays are a time for celebration, and here at ModSquad we have a lot to celebrate! Our teams bring talent and cheer from around the world. We’ve checked our lists twice and picked 23 Mods who have helped make ModSquad a great place to be. 

Our first Mod of our ModSquad Holiday Spectacular is Sarah G.!

If there is one thing we know about the holidays, it’s travel — and Sarah is our globetrotter. This German-native now lives in Thailand and is a self-proclaimed “crazy cat lady” who loves to be outdoors. 

A scuba instructor prior to the pandemic, Sarah now fulfills her love of people and travel by diving deep for one of our tourism clients. She’s a team player who keeps the holiday spirit year round by gifting her team with engaging ideas, and her customers thrilled with amazing experiences. Maybe Sarah is really Santa? (They both start with the same letters.)

On day 2 of the ModSquad Holiday Spectacular, we celebrate a re copado Argentinian, Facundo C.!

This creative spirit is not only great on projects, but he goes the extra mile to make sure everyone feels welcome. We celebrate Navidad with Facundo and his love of music. His skills as a composer and lyricist amplify his fantastic customer experiences AND ensure his family holidays are no Noche de Paz (Silent Night). 

Let’s ring the cascabeles (jingle bells) for Facundo C.!

For our day 3 honoree, we’re shining a spotlight on a member of our Services management team, Jodi C.!

But it’s not Christmas lights that Jodi focuses on, instead, it’s where to put the tree and decorations. Fun fact? This Las Vegas native loves everything about home design and constantly wants to try out new ideas. It makes sense why she’s so fantastic with building great onboarding experiences! And with a penchant for coziness, the holidays are right up her alley. Her favorite thing about the holidays? The feeling of nostalgia and keeping that alive for kids. If that isn’t as inviting as a cup of hot chocolate, we don’t know what is!

Thank you for everything, Jodi.

Over the river and through the woods, to the fourth ModSquad Holiday Spectacular honoree we go!

And who better to celebrate than Tammy M.? This Mod’s favorite thing about the holidays is spending time with her family (especially her 11 grandchildren). She loves sharing old traditions and starting new traditions too — that explains why she’s stellar with new workflows and established practices.

In her free time, Tammy loves the Japanese art of amigurumi, or crocheting yarn toys and figures. The patience and detailed skill needed for this hobby also translates well to the work she does for her clients.

Tammy is definitely on ModSquad’s NICE list this season!

For our fifth featured Mod, everything is SPARKLING, thanks to Fernanda A.!

This Mod loves to put up a tree with a ton of colored lights and decorate her house in all things Christmas. Hailing from Brazil, she also loves Bossa Nova music, 80’s Pop, Samba, Carnival, old movies, reading, driving, and the beach.

It’s not just her love of all things holidays that make Fernanda awesome, but her attention to detail and engagement within her projects. She is focused yet fun and fair. And she is always willing to handle demands with grace and professionalism.

Fernanda knows that the true spirit of Christmas lies in your heart, just as she knows teamwork is at the heart of everything we do at ModSquad.

It’s time for our day 6 honoree, and who better to feature than someone who has visited ALMOST as many countries as Santa (an impressive 32)?! Say hello to Joanna S.!

When not traveling, Joanna can be found at her Tennessee home with her family. Her holidays are filled with football, board games, and the occasional showing of Lord of the Rings. Her love for team sports doesn’t end when clocking in. Her managers describe her as a true VIP, picking up additional hours and going the extra mile. When she’s on the clock and off, she’s sure to leave you with a smile.

For more proof that this Mod is a star on the top of the holiday tree, just listen to her manager, “she does the little things that make us shine!”

Let’s keep this party rolling! And who better to champion the title of the seventh ModSquad Holiday Spectacular honoree than Rebecca N.?

This self-proclaimed lover of “bad dancing” and karaoke adores the Holidays. And naturally, giving gifts is her thrill. “I enjoy picking out things that I know will bring people joy, and then seeing their face light up when they open it.”

As her colleagues say, SHE is the gift that keeps on giving. Passionate and hard-working, she is known for giving 100%. No matter how things may change on a project, Rebecca’s dedication and work quality remain flawless.

Rock on, Rebecca!

Time to shout for joy because it’s time for our eighth awardee, as we get to tout the terrific Tera T.!

This phenom loves traditions – especially ones that can be carried from one generation to the next. So, naturally, when her grandmother would call and SHOUT (not sing) “Joy to the World” to the family, this rapidly became a beloved staple in their celebrations. 

Tera’s colleagues say she’s “nimble in her abilities” and someone they can always trust to get a task done effectively and efficiently (and dare we say, with her own style).

Tera, thank you for always bringing us joy!

Beat the cold and warm up in California as we introduce our ninth ModSquad Holiday Spectacular honoree, Renee J.!

This crafty mom has a passion for fantasy football, great food, and delicious drinks. As a lover of numbers, she continues to be an amazing Accounting Manager. After all, it takes someone with a sharp mind to keep ModSquad’s finances running smoothly. Lucky for us, we have Renee!

We’re raising a mug of hot cocoa (yes, even in the warm weather) to toast this enthusiastic and cheerful Mod.

Let’s head to Tennessee to meet who we are celebrating for day 10 of the ModSquad Holiday Spectacular. It’s none other than Jessica H.!

Jessica looks forward to spending the holiday season with loved ones AND spoiling the kiddos in her life. When not pampering friends and family, she can be found with her nose in books (she’s known to devour around 50 books a year – legit!). At ModSquad, she is a driving force on the projects she manages, keeping her team motivated and on task. It takes a special soul to be a master at the art of “spreadsheet”, and we’re glad Jessica is one of ours.

Please join us in spoiling HER today with kudos and appreciation!

We’re so grateful for you, Jessica.

Hey batter-batter! Swing-batta! Ok… it might not be baseball season, but our day 11 ModSquad Holiday Spectacular awardee has us making time to share our own human homerun, Matt R.

A former college baseball player, he always puts in hard work to reach for the stars. And even though he’s hung up his gloves and cleats these days, he knocks it out of the park with his computer skills, analytical awesomeness, and process-driven approaches. This holiday season we’re hoping Matt enjoys some good food, relaxes, and collects plenty of memories with family and friends.

Matt, THANK YOU for your endless hard work and determination. Happy Holidays!

Let’s head over to Pennsylvania to meet our twelfth Mod of the ModSquad Holiday Specticular Ali S.!

Ali is a trivia ace who loves a good “fun fact”. And she is a master at keeping work organized and schedules tip, top, and tidy at work. Have a tight turnaround? No problem, Ali is on the case. She receives praise from colleagues and clients alike.

When not working, you can find Ali collecting and restoring antiques. Her ever-growing collection includes typewriters, office furniture, and much more. We hope she has fixed up a big, comfy chair to relax in during the holidays!

We’re thrilled to introduce our thirteenth honoree, our own resident flutist, Allison P.!

She’s not only talented but also determined, diligent, and enthusiastic – all things we want on our payroll team! A true adrenaline junky, Allison loves zip lines, roller coasters, and dancing. This time of year is a big deal to Allison and her family. The excitement that the holidays bring her young children is the highlight of their season.

Allison, we hope you and yours experience ALL the magic, you deserve it.

Ho-Ho-Ohio! That’s where we’re heading to greet who we are celebrating on day 14 of the ModSquad Holiday Spectacular. We’ve checked our list twice and Melissa L. is definitely on the nice list!

Colleagues lined up to share kind words about her – accolades included her professionalism, her drive to succeed, and her dedication to her team. Melissa is a loyal and hardworking Mod who is a bright and vibrant star in our ModSquad galaxy. This season you can catch her spending time with her family, surrounded by love, warmth, and people who mean the most to her.

Best wishes to you and yours this wonderful holiday season, Melissa.

Our fifteenth ModSquad Holiday Spectacular honoree is a true gift to the tech team. Who else could it be but Morgan M.?!

It’s no easy job keeping up with ModSquad’s technological needs, but she always rises to the challenge. Outside of work, she continues to brighten the world by helping to foster dogs. Over the last three years, she’s fostered 30 pups waiting for their forever homes. One, a corgi named Ronnie, found her “furever” home with Morgan. As the holidays approach, you’ll likely find her knitting by the tree adorned with twinkling lights.

Morgan, have the hap-hap-happiest Holiday of all!

For our day 16 honoree, we check in with a Mod who is mad for the holidays! From decorations, to sweet treats, to unwrapping presents, Aunya R. just can’t get enough! Too much is not enough when it comes to holiday celebrations.

No matter the time of year, she is always ready to share a Santa-like laugh. A self-proclaimed goofball, she manages to make even serious topics fun with wit and humor. And did we mention, she’s an incredible go-getter? A hardworking ace in People Operations, everyone who works with her feels super appreciated AND supported.

Auyna, YOU are one of the reasons we feel so grateful this holiday season.

休暇を楽しんでね (kyuuka wo tanoshinde ne)! That means “Enjoy the Holidays” in Japanese, and is the perfect introduction to our seventeenth ModSquad Holiday Spectacular awardee. This holiday season we are celebrating the multilingual Kimberly D.!

The holidays are a big deal at Kimberly’s house. Not only does this festive Mod collect Nutcrackers, but she also has a family baking tradition that fills the holiday season with plenty of treats. After all, what’s better on a cool winter day than some eggnog and a fresh cookie? Her colleagues are definitely feeling the cheer as well. Her versatility and flexibility make her an indispensable asset and a pleasure to work with.

We’re simply NUTcrackers about you, Kimberly!

Our latest ModSquad Holiday Spectacular honoree might live in New Jersey, but she is a New Yorker at heart! Our on day 18 we celebrate our very own social guru, Greha L.!

Greha crafts the perfect posts to fill the social media feeds of clients and ModSquad alike. She also brings cheer everywhere she goes, and her team is grateful for her sunny demeanor. Outside of work, her hobbies include traveling and hiking National Parks (she’s visited 17 of 63 so far!), and collecting current and ancient coins.

You may love the big Apple, Greha – but you’re the apple of our eye. Thank you!

For our nineteenth Mod, we head over to snowy Oregon to find Rachel R., a member of our People Operations team. Spoiler: she’s DEFINITELY on the nice list!

For proof she earned her spot, Rachel takes time every week to volunteer at her local animal shelter. Charitable and kind, she is also diligent as she thoughtfully spends time wrapping up processes with the best of bows. With the holiday season upon us, she is most excited about the lights, decorations, and parties that fill the season.

Rachel, thank you for your endless support!

With our twentieth honoree of our ModSquad Holiday Spectacular, we are going to mosey on down to Texas to celebrate Kayla M.! 

This talented force of nature helps create ModSquad’s unique look and style, and is a tremendous asset to the marketing team. She’s got talent in spades and a style all her own. She may not see a lot of snow during the holiday season, but that doesn’t stop her from celebrating with her family. In fact, spending time with her twin sister (and best friend) is one of her favorite things to do during the Holidays! 

Kayla, you are the GIFt that keeps on GIFting (get it?). 

We know what’s waiting under the tree for our twenty-first ModSquad Holiday honoree, Misty H.! It’s a tiara, the kind of sparkly headpiece that she both loves and deserves as the queen of payroll. 

These holidays bring many of the things that Misty loves, including decorations, music, and a joyful feeling that embodies the holidays. 

Self-described as a playful person, she isn’t afraid to show off her singing and dancing skills. ‘Tis the season for singing, after all, and we look forward to a rendition of Deck the Halls. 

It’s time for our twenty-second honoree for our ModSquad Holiday Spectacular! And today, we head to Africa.

There’s no winter wonderland in summer-y South Africa, but that doesn’t mean that Carola T. isn’t celebrating in style. She loves riding her very own “sleigh” down the streets, her Harley Davidson! And when she isn’t on her bike, she is practicing her karate. She is a 2nd Dan Black Belt. Talk about accomplishments.

This season, she is looking forward to plenty of holiday spirit, decorations, and great food.

Capping off our ModSquad Holiday Spectacular is the announcement of this year’s Bestofus Festivus. Every year ModSquad honors one person who best embodies the ModSquad spirit. This year, we’re delighted to showcase Jenny Young! Don’t miss our special profile article that tells us exactly why Jenny is the obvious choice for this award.

If you’d like to be a part of this star-studded team, click here to join the Mods! Happy Holidays!

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