2023 and Who We Want To Be!

Here’s to a Happy New Year!

What a year 2022 has been. In a previous blog, we celebrated our Fiscal New Year and recapped all the ways in which ModSquad has grown and continues to exceed expectations. As much as we’d love to go on and on about past achievements, this blog is all about looking to the future! 

We chatted with our Mods to see what they’d like to see from the New Year. They didn’t disappoint with unique, fun, and unexpected responses.

“My New Year’s resolution is to try a new hobby (like joining a local sport league/team) along with challenging myself to draw a new art piece once or twice a month.” – Ann S.

“It’s time to finally get a Podcast up and running, I’m not calling it a resolution, but a goal – because I break every resolution.” – Brian F.

“I’m going to make time for dance at least once a week!” – Jamie H.

“Last year, I wanted to create five paintings for Extra Life. While I didn’t quite meet that goal, I did paint two pieces that sold well, and I couldn’t be happier with the money that they helped to raise! This year, I am doubling down on this resolution and want to create twice as many paintings as I did last year. Here’s to hoping that it makes an even bigger difference in the new year!” – Rochelle H.

Normally this is where we would wrap up, but we have two very special replies to share! The first are resolutions provided by a proud member of DogSquad

  • Find a better work/life balance. OK, just kidding, sleep more…
  • Get in perfect shape. Round and chunky is perfect!
  • Convince Dad to get us a Super Super King Size mattress, so he stops moaning at us for sneaking into bed
  • Learn how to hypnotize the pawrents to give us cheese
  • Hack Mum’s Fetch pet supplies’ account and order toys and treats

– Les Woofs (Provided by Nina K.)

Lastly, one of our teams has a group resolution to strive for even more excellence in the coming year. Here’s a quick peek at what they have planned! 

  • Achieve and exceed Project targets 
  • Communicate openly and consistently 
  • Show customers we care
  • Add value to our client 
  • Grow our community 
  • Work with confidence 
  • Commit to a perfect Life/Work balance

– The TI Team

What are your goals for the new year? If it happens to be “Become a part of an amazing team of experts” then you should click here to join the Mods!

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