Introducing DogSquad: The New Breed of Customer Support

Since 2007, ModSquad has been at the forefront of outsourced customer support services. We pride ourselves on providing the perfect human touch to the customer experience. But we’ve always had an itch to provide even more.

Using deep-data analysis from ModSquad’s crack business intelligence unit, we’ve determined the optimal way to really get customers’ tails wagging. You’ve heard of emotional support dogs? We’re pleased to introduce customer support dogs from DogSquad. We call this new service DogSourcing: Outsourcing that’s doggone great.

Empathetic and loyal companions brave and true, our ModDogs represent the elite 1% of all canine applicants. Able to respond to commands in 50+ languages and working from remote doghouse offices in 70+ countries, ModDogs (registered trademark, patent pending) are available 24/7 to lend a helping paw to your customers. From callers having a ruff day to those just needing a virtual tummy rub, our pooch patrol is on call to serve your audience and make your competition drool with envy. Let’s meet some of our star ModDogs.

Manager’s notes: This black lab’s pep and energy means he can hardly stay in his seat. It takes a lot of hugging to get him to sit still and focus, but once he does, he sweet-barks customers with his lively sense of humor. Newman is pictured here on Cat-ual Fridays, showing off the latest in feline fashion headwear.

Manager’s notes: We’ve had to make accommodations for little Elizabeth, who couldn’t reach the keyboard from her chair. DogSquad ensures that her diminutive stature in no way impedes her from providing large-scale support to customers. Like her brother Newman, she is also a prankster, and loves her cat-eared headset.

Daisy Mae
Manager’s notes: An early bloomer, this seven-year-old has been providing support for more than half her life. On tough days, she puts her nose to the scent and pushes through. Sometimes after calls she’ll take a break outside to chase squirrels. Daisy Mae is saving up for a mani/pedi spa day to relieve her aching paws after all the typing she does. (She tends to fat-paw the keys, though.)

Manager’s notes: Stori’s not a fan of headphones; they prevent his human from giving him a good scratching behind the ears. Also claims they’re too “ruff!” He settles into his comfy work chair and won’t budge until his shift is over. He is a good boy.

Manager’s notes: Bella is a part-time agent who also serves as the workplace security guard. She protects the workspace from daily mystery deliveries by agents of the United States Postal Service. Her toughness is matched only by the compassion she displays for callers.

Manager’s notes: With a year’s experience under her collar, Pipa loves it at DogSquad. She’s surrounded by loved ones and gets lots of treats. She’s adept at tech-support calls and troubleshooting, and reminds other agents not to chew on the wires.

Manager’s notes: Our youngest-ever ModDog, nine-week-old Beau has proven quite adept at providing exuberant and joyous support. Particularly angry customers are routed to Beau, who never fails to bring smiles to their faces. Every support provider should have a ModDog puppy on their roster; it’s a game-changer! (Lots of potty breaks, though.)

Manager’s notes: On the other end of the spectrum is Griffey, one of our most senior agents. This cocker serves as inspiration to all younger recruits. Griffey’s get-it-done, no-whining attitude, combined with his amiability, makes him a customer favorite. Bonus: Has overseen more than 100 Zendesk installations for clients worldwide.

Manager’s notes: Willow’s a hard worker, with a DSAT (Doggie Satisfaction score) off the charts! She has five years experience. A staunch customer privacy advocate, she makes sure to obscure her computer screen before allowing photos to be taken.

Special thanks to Amy P., Gina M., Enmanuel M., Samantha W., Michelle P., and Aunya R. for raising the ModDogs profiled in this article. If you’d like to have any of these canine agents — or their human counterparts — support your customers, just give us a call.

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Talk Back

Posted on April 1, 2021

I’m glad these guys are finally getting the recognition they deserve! A couple of months ago, my forums were getting slammed and I needed help. I originally called FelineSquad, but after five minutes on the phone with one of their catty reps, I realized I was barking up the wrong tree.

That’s when I called DogSquad. Griffey answered and I pleaded my case. I told him I already wasted half a day calling everyone else before I heard of DogSquad, so I begged him to throw me a bone here and hook me up. He got my info, asked a few questions, and then assured me that he’d have me out of the doghouse in no time.

We worked out a plan, came up with a team, and set it in motion. By the end of the week, our little company was kicking back with a victory pizza party (pup-eroni, of course) and celebrating the huge turnaround in support and customer satisfaction on our forums.

Thanks, DogSquad!

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