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Golden Bridge Award Finalist Customer ServiceAs our own Customer Service Week celebrations continue, we celebrate an announcement that couldn’t be more fortuitously timed: Metaverse Mod Squad has been chosen as a finalist for Customer Service Team of the Year in the Golden Bridge Awards. Led by Director of Client Services Jason Ferguson, our fabulous Mods have been recognized for their work in support of WildWorks’ National Geographic Animal Jam, a virtual-world multiplayer online experience geared toward children.

The Golden Bridge Awards annually recognizes outstanding performances at the world’s leading public companies and private ventures. A broad array of industry vets judge the nominations, paying close attention to the people behind those organizations.

Our man Jason Ferguson is certainly worthy of a closer look. He personifies the dedication displayed by all of the staff here at Metaverse Mod Squad. He’s been with us for eight years, taking on additional responsibilities as the company has grown in size and stature. From his days moderating gaming projects to his current role, in which he oversees numerous accounts, manages the company’s Sacramento office, and supervises our growing team of account managers, Jason has done it all. “When I first joined,” recalls Jason, “I think there were 20 – 30 of us, total. And now there are thousands of Mods in our network. We have more Mods on the Wildworks project alone than we did in all of Metaverse when I started.”

Jason and his team continue to make tremendous strides: Over the past year, they’ve pioneered and perfected the analytics tools and guidelines now used for many of our clients. The efficiency and high standards of our Animal Jam support is so strong, we’ve seen multiple Mods from that team graduate to managing other projects in the company. Success like that allows us to continually raise the bar on internal and customer expectations.

“We’re honored to be recognized by the Golden Bridge Awards, and we’re so pleased to shine the spotlight on Jason Ferguson and the entire client services team at Metaverse Mod Squad,” says Amy Pritchard, CEO and Founder of Metaverse Mod Squad. “Our Mods are the best in the business, a statement that’s reaffirmed by so many of the industry leaders with which we work, including our friends at WildWorks and National Geographic Animal Jam.”

The winners will be honored next month in San Francisco.

Lucien Parsons
Head of Client Services

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