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ModSquad is a Top 100 Company for Remote Jobs

It’s award season, baby!

Oscars, Grammys, Golden Globes, Tonys, and … FlexJobs 2023 list of Top 100 Companies For Remote Jobs.

We’ve been on the list before, but seeing our name in the Forbes announcement still gives us that first-timer winner feels!

And while FlexJobs hasn’t asked for an acceptance speech (yet), we’re prepared if they do.  

We’d like to thank the people who made this possible. 

We are grateful to our talented Mods who work remotely from around the globe. They know that “flexible work” is not just a pandemic fad. They chose remote work because it lets them live life on their own terms and still work with the world’s best brands and organizations. Mod passion, commitment and, of course, flexibility are essential to our business. 

Thanks to our clients who trust their brand reputation and, most of all, their audiences with our care. They’ve embraced our remote model and have enjoyed its benefits: lower costs, higher quality, and greater flexibility. Without you we wouldn’t be a company …  we’d merely be a group of really cool and talented people.

And since there is no music to silence this speech, one more thing:

What makes the FlexJobs list particularly rewarding is that it shows we’ve stayed true to our business model created in 2007. Even then we knew that great CX services don’t come from a cubicle crammed into a call center on the outskirts of town. That’s why we’ve been a remote company from the very beginning.  It’s the secret behind the quality, flexibility, and scalability of our outsourced services. 

Hey where did that music come from? 

… and one last thing.  

Being a remote company is more than just letting people work from home

It’s about having the right tools and workflows and security in place to make remote work not just an option, but the most efficient, productive, and secure way to work. It’s why we invented Cubeless, our patent-pending security platform. It’s the culmination of everything we’ve learned about remote work in the past 16 years.

Our final “thank you” goes to FlexJobs. We appreciate the recognition and the work your company does to support remote work. 

– ModSquad

P.S. Where’s the after party?

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