Mod of the Month – June 2019

We certainly do not have a shortage of talented Mods to feature at ModSquad, and our latest dynamo is certainly a worthy addition to that list. Please join us in congratulating Nikki G., our Mod of the Month for June 2019!

Mod of the Month - June 2019Nikki started with ModSquad in January 2019 and felt that joining the company well suited her situation. She appreciated that being a Mod would afford her the opportunity to apply her skills while working from home, giving her the flexibility she sought.

In addition to being a dedicated mother to four girls, Nikki is a real camping enthusiast. Growing up on a dairy farm, she spent much time camping out with her siblings and cousins. And while she now enjoys sharing similar experiences with her own family, Nikki admits that “we do more glamping now than camping!”

Here at ModSquad, Nikki enjoys providing excellent customer support on multiple projects, interacting with clients’ customers through phone, email, ticket, chat, and social media support.

I feel I excel most at phone support, given my compassion for others and willingness to help customers. It can be heard in my voice. That compassion shines through in chat as well. My daughters often say, “Mom, your customer service voice is much nicer than your mom voice.”

Nikki’s finest moment at ModSquad? We’re experiencing it right now.

This is my proudest moment, being selected for Mod of the Month. I’ve been with ModSquad for a short while, but my efforts have paid off. It’s such an honor to be recognized for my hard work and my dedication to each project. I attribute a lot of my success to the great Assistant Project Managers and Project Managers who helped me along the way, contributing to my success within ModSquad.

Some of those Project Managers shared their feedback on our newest featured Mod:

“Nikki is the literal definition of ModSquad awesomeness! She picks up on policies and procedures, has a pleasant phone voice, is calming, empathetic, understanding… the list could go on forever.”
— Laura Ankerson, Assistant Project Manager

“Nikki is an amazing Mod. Team Nikki!”
— Shannon Duncan, Assistant Project Manager

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Posted on June 28, 2019

Way to go! Impressing fast and early. 🙂

Posted on June 27, 2019

Congratulations Nikki!! w00t w00t

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