Mod of the Month – August 2023

Join us in congratulating August’s Mod of the Month, a 3 year ModSquad veteran, Kenyon L.

Kenyon specializes in Tier 1 and Tier 2 customer support and Trust and Safety moderation. As an avid gamer, Kenyon is a natural at supporting one of our gaming clients. This entails everything from in-game customer assistance—such as helping users who’ve been locked out—to moderating social media channels. “In a gaming community, emotions can run high. That’s why it’s crucial to have experienced Mods to maintain a pleasant environment,” says Kenyon.

Kenyon’s expertise doesn’t end there. They also provide Tier 2 technical support for a client in the entertainment industry, as well as Trust and Safety services for a crowdfunding client. They believe that taking the time to understand and empathize with customers can make a significant difference in the customer experience. “Resolving someone’s issue or clarifying a misunderstanding about a product means a lot to me. I strive to make sure that each interaction reflects positively on our client.”

According to Kenyon, exceeding expectations is key. “Customers truly appreciate it when you go the extra mile. Patience in explaining any and all details helps the customer feel valued and understood, especially when they’re frustrated.”

Outside of work, Kenyon is an animal lover with a fondness for reptiles. They currently take care of a diverse range of reptilian pets, including a 10-year-old Ball Python, a yearling corn snake, a five-year-old crested gecko, and a colony of mourning geckos. And their favorite snake? “It’s got to be the hognose. Their upturned noses and quirky personalities are just irresistible.”

Family comes first for Kenyon, who lives with their fiancé and both of their mothers, who are disabled. “We’re committed to taking care of them whenever we’re not working,” Kenyon says. And family game nights are a staple—Kenyon’s mother-in-law serves as the Dungeon Master for their D&D group. “It’s important to keep her happy, or we’ll face her in-game wrath!” When not taming trolls online or in D&D, Kenyon enjoys writing fiction, particularly science fiction and high fantasy, as well as drawing.

Before we wrap up, Kenyon’s colleagues have a few things to say!

“I will bring Kenyon on every single project I manage until the end of time, no hesitation. They have impressed me at every turn. It doesn’t matter if it’s Customer Service or Moderation or Engagement, Kenyon swoops in and absolutely owns it. Executes work flows flawlessly, replicates client tone effortlessly, can spot trends and potential issues from a mile away – Kenyon is all that and a bag of Reese’s Pieces (Skittles are overrated). They are utter perfection.”
– Crystal L.

“I would also not hesitate to bring them onto any project I manage. In addition to all the awesomeness that Crystal mentioned – I find Kenyon to always be responsive, adaptable, and just all over awesome. Kenyon has a wonderful attitude with management as well as any team I’ve seen them work with. I don’t know that I can agree that skittles are overrated but 100% agree that Kenyon is amazing!”
– Tabitha T

“Kenyon is new to our project, but very quickly lived up to their reputation of absolutely hitting the ground running, and just completely knocked our socks off … quickly getting comfy with the workflows, and doing it with enthusiasm and an incredible attitude! A breath of fresh air!”
– Kelli T.

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