Mod of the Month – February 2023

We love to sing the praises of our Customer Experience superstars! Our Mods are the best in the field and we have the awards to prove it. With so many stars to choose from, how does one rise above the rest? With patience, kindness, and compassion, if our most recent Mod of the Month is any indication.

Alexandra S. is a Customer Service dynamo. For six years, Alexandra has brightened the days of fellow Mods and clients here at ModSquad. It’s her compassionate approach to support that keeps customers and clients happy.

So what’s the secret to Alexandra’s success? She credits a family tradition of writing and a love for words passed from one generation to the next. “My grandfathers are excellent writers, one of which was a columnist for a major newspaper in Philadelphia.” She explains, “I’d like to think that they have passed along some of their writing skills or at least their passion for the power of words.” 

It’s this passion for writing and kindness that helps her succeed at work. “I love providing customers with a detailed response, tailored to their current issue, and delivering them a resolution in a timely and professional manner.” She goes on to say, “Acts of kindness, empathy, and compassion make a world of difference in customer support and I like to follow that rule in all aspects of life.”

Her sunny outlook extends into everything that she does. When off the clock, she is an artist, a gamer, and a devoted aunt to a newborn nephew. Her family also includes her loving husband and two chihuahuas. When she isn’t painting or playing Battleground of the Gods, you can find her relaxing by the pool, taking in the warm Florida sun. 

Alexandra shares, “ModSquad is my absolute dream job! I’m so grateful to work remotely with such a motivational and hardworking group of people.” She explained further how ModSquad helps to ensure she has time for her own passions. “I love being able to have flexible scheduling, which allows me the ability to manage my time around seeing my nephew or planning times I can do my art.”

Her colleagues also love working with her. Check out what they have to say:

Alexandra is extremely dependable, a fast learner, and to call her a unicorn is an understatement. She is always willing to go above and beyond and the client loves her. If I could clone her everywhere I would! – Lisa T.

She is an amazing Mod. She goes above and beyond to do tasks for the client. She does those without hesitation and loves to help. I would bring her on any project of mine in a heartbeat! – Melissa P.

Alexandra has been outstanding on every project she has worked with me on. – Chris C.

She has been a rockstar for us and always goes above and beyond! – Mark C.

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