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Ed Tech: Kick off the school year right with support services from ModSquad

It’s back to school time. 

Not so long ago that meant stocking up on school supplies: new notebooks, crisp paper, and freshly sharpened No.2 pencils. Today, back to school often means new technology.  

The ed tech industry continues to create and refine all kinds of amazing stuff from educational apps to complete online universities, from IoT devices to administrative software. Whether it’s remote learning or improving the classroom experience, students, teachers, and administrators all benefit from the plethora (SAT word?) of educational tools available today. 

Pop Quiz: If all of your education clients are upgrading or implementing your product at the same time, how are you going to handle the support load?

Answer: ModSquad

If you’re looking for help to get your company through the back to school rush, we can help.  We’ve been working with some of the best ed tech brands in the industry. We know the drill. 

At ModSquad, we ensure quality and cost savings by customizing our services to meet your KPIs. You get exactly the right team, with the right tools, at exactly the right time to get the results you need.  

Since it’s already September, you’re going to need to ramp up quickly. Skip the hassle of training. We’ve got a whole network of support experts standing by to help. Whether they augment your existing team or run the show, they’ll help you deliver any level of support from triage to technical. And given the unique way we assemble the team, you’ll have a team that understands education.  

Security and privacy are critical. Our secure platform – Cubeless – ensures you always have the right tools: the policies and procedures, the workflows and best practices, and software to deliver support efficiently and safely. Our platform can supercharge your existing toolset or we can design and implement a custom one for you.

Most importantly, our on-demand models give you the flexibility and control to scale up and down. So whether the support load tapers off after the initial rush, or usage explodes and you need to ramp up, we’ve got you covered. We never leave you shorthanded or overstaffed.

Looking at international expansion? We have Mods in over 90 countries fluent in over 50 languages. This gives you the opportunity to tailor your support not only to specific languages but to locales. It’s a great way to turbocharge adoption and increase CSAT scores.

Having the right flexible and comprehensive support solution enables your customers to seamlessly use your product and your team to focus on the bigger picture and higher level issues. 

So if the start of the school year already feels like a final, relax and give us a call. We’ll help you ace it.   

See you on campus!

– ModSquad

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