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The Play of Passion

Our head of People Operations recently shared how we assess individuals to become a Mod. This is such an important consideration for us at Metaverse Mod Squad. After all, our clients are depending on our Mods to best represent their brand. What is it that really separates the good (a regular ol’ moderator or agent) from the great (a Mod)? Gina refers to these individuals’ interests. I like to call it passion.

Badminton Anyone? Passion and Customer Engagement

Imagine you’re selling badminton racquets. Who better to engage a prospect or understand another badminton player’s questions than someone who loves striking the shuttlecock.  Same goes for gaming moderators. It’s the difference between having a fellow gamer in the session versus a babysitter. Which would you prefer? Who would you trust?

Passion is what we look for in the customer-engagement pros we invite to be part of Metaverse Mod Squad.  An interest in the art of customer engagement is helpful, but it’s far less important than a passion for the product and companies we represent. It’s why we can make the bold claim that our Mods are customers of the companies they represent. To get it right, we have best practices and technology to capture and assess the passions of our Metaverse Mod Squad community and match them with the right clients.  Got a project that needs badminton lovers?  Using our system, Metaverse’s People Operations team in two keystrokes were able to identify 53 people in our network of 40k+ Mods that listed badminton as a passion. Smashing, right?

It’s this passion that drives all of us to do the best work we can, to be the best people we can be. When the work we do for a living overlaps with our interests – our passions – who among us doesn’t feel pride in what we’ve accomplished?  We all love the thrill of being a part of something in which we believe.

When we’re able to match the perfect Mod with the perfect client, we know we’ve got something special brewing. That’s why we take extra measures to create a compelling Mod/client partnership. When you can match passion with possibilities, our Mods will be there for the net kill every time.  And this blog, with all its puns, is now completed. Or should I say set, match? (So, so, so sorry.)

Amy Pritchard

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Talk Back

Posted on August 28, 2015

I may not be passionate about badminton, but I do love to bat around ideas with our great pool of moderators and agents!

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