The Value and Humor of Online Reviewer Comments

Customer-Reviews1Most of us have made a purchase or two from some online website like Amazon or Newegg. One of the most important things you can do before you make a purchase is to read the customer reviews for the product you are interested in buying. Reviews can make or break a decision to buy.

The larger the number of reviews you see, the better the chance you have of receiving practical, valuable feedback about the product. I look for both positive and negative feedback to help make my decision to buy or not to buy something. The more a product costs, the more reviews I will check out.

Sometimes the reviews are helpful and informative. While some of the reviews are down-right comical or hilarious. Some reviews are a waste of time and really have nothing at all to do with product feedback (I usually report this kind of review). Amazon is great because they give you options pertaining to each review you read. You can let Amazon know if the information was helpful or not. You can report it if the review is abusive and you can Permalink a review if you want to go back and read through it later. You can also click a link, which will take you to all the reviews posted by a particular reviewer. I relate this to when Siskel and Ebert did movie reviews. They were my favorite film reviewers, even if I did not always agree with them.


I love to check out product reviews on Amazon. Not only can you learn practical information about the product and how to use it, but you can also let Amazon know if the review was helpful and comment on a review as well. You can rate the comments (which are part of the review discussion below the review) with a Yes or No as to whether an added comment adds to the discussion or not. There is an option to “Ignore this customer” if you think someone commenting is a troll.

Personally, I check out Amazon reviews fairly often for their entertainment content. You can usually tell if a review is entertaining by the heading or reading the first sentence or two. If you would like to read some of the most entertaining, witty and comical product reviews online you can check out some of the links provided below. Just remember that customer feedback and product reviews are not science and may have some incorrect or misleading information. Proceed with caution if you are going to make a real purchase, because online reviews are often written just to gain popularity on the internet. If you are savvy enough, you will be able to tell the difference between an honest-to -good review and one which was written for entertainment purposes (popularity).

Please enjoy some comical online reviews (proceed with caution):

Cathy Mort
Project Manager

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