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Project Manager of the Quarter – June 2023

Say hello to Jessica H., our accomplished Project Manager of the Quarter. Jessica is known for managing projects with precision and attention to detail. With extensive experience as a Mod on twenty different projects, she has honed her ability to provide thorough directions and navigate complexities. 

Jessica joined ModSquad as a Mod working part-time hours. Like many Mods, she was looking for a company with a dynamic work environment that allowed her to control her schedule. “I was never bored,” she explains. “It didn’t take long for me to realize it was a perfect fit. So I made the decision to make ModSquad my permanent home.” 

Fast forward to today and Jessica is leading one of our largest customer support projects for one of the top gaming companies in the world.  

Managing a large client project presents unique challenges, such as managing complex, multi-lingual projects and scaling up the team with new Mods. Jessica’s team efficiently onboarded over a hundred Mods in a short time.

To ensure quality amidst a growing team, Jessica focuses on two key strategies.

First, she focuses on the team. She leverages the skills of the incoming Mods. Afterall they too are experts in CS and have a wealth of knowledge in how to help customers feel heard and satisfied. And by treating the team with empathy and understanding, she ensures the team exhibits the very same qualities when dealing with customers.  

Next, she focuses on optimizing workflows, making tasks easily understandable for both experienced Mods and newcomers. Jessica’s objective is to create an orderly and efficient project, making everyone’s job easier. She excels at process creation, documentation, and implementing new ideas seamlessly. Keeping everything organized and efficient helps everyone involved deliver top-notch support.  

It’s this commitment to excellence that has earned her the well-deserved recognition as Project Manager of the Quarter.

For aspiring project managers, Jessica has some advice. Proactively identify areas for improvement and always propose multiple solutions. Embracing this approach enhances effectiveness and contributes to overall project success.

Beyond work, Jessica finds joy at home in Tenessee surrounded by her four cherished cats. She spoils her two nephews and reads voraciously, devouring an impressive number of books each year. She’s currently deep into All These Worlds by Dennis E. Taylor which is the third book of the Bobiverse series.

With people like Jessica leading the way, ModSquad continues to deliver exceptional project management and outstanding results. Join our team of superstars and embark on an exciting journey with us today!

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