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People of ModSquad – January 2022

Here on the Mod Blog, we love to remind our readers of all the amazing things that our team can do. Still, no one may know ModSquad’s potential better than the man responsible for pitching those talents to both new and existing clients alike. It’s rare to find someone who can create strong business relationships with everyone he meets, but it’s a talent that Sales Director John O’Donnell has perfected!

His road to ModSquad began as a media planner at an ad agency. John describes the experience as a great professional education, where he learned to work on media and marketing plan development alongside major brands. His favorite part of the job, though, was helping to win new business — a skill that serves him well in his current role.

“When magazines were a thing, I worked for some of the world’s largest publishers at the time, such as Time, Inc.,” John remembers. “As the advertising landscape focused on emerging digital media channels, I moved into different roles with a few ad tech startups. I’ve been part of three different sales teams — two of which were startups — that have broken the elusive $100M revenue mark for the first time, and one major company buyout.”

John first joined our Squad roughly two years ago, when he was looking for something new in his career. He joined at the very start of the global pandemic, when many businesses were just beginning to move to a remote model, and recalls the experience of guiding clients in that process. “As a newcomer, it was impressive to see the way everyone was able to work together with our clients as their business processes shifted.”

Helping people is something that John is very passionate about. One of the client projects that resonated with him deeply was one that helps families facing a recent diagnosis of a neurological developmental disability. “The client’s in house team didn’t have the bandwidth to follow up with all of the families that were reaching out for information and support services,” John explains. “So they brought ModSquad on to help with the work. For me, it’s nice to think that in some way we’re helping out those families in need during an incredibly emotional and stressful time.” Providing help to those in need is a cornerstone of what we do here at ModSquad, and we’re proud to have John be part of that goal.

Other aspects of the job that John enjoys include its flexibility, the unique nature of our business, and the Mods themselves.” He elaborates: “I think a big part of what sets ModSquad apart from the competition is the quality of services we’re able to deliver in a highly flexible format. Our differentiator is really the Mods, who make it all possible.”

When he’s not helping introduce the great work of our Mods to the world at large, our Sales Director can be found spending time with his young son and two dogs. This lifelong New Yorker loves the city, but he loves spending time with his family on the weekends by exploring the beach or hiking in the great outdoors.

But for now, John’s got clients to speak with and sales inquiries to answer. As we wrap up our conversation, his enthusiasm for ModSquad and all of its people is palpable. We’re mighty glad to have him spreading the good word about ModSquad.

To leave greetings or congratulations for John, simply post in the comments section below. To join the ranks of the people of ModSquad, please see our Careers page.

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Posted on January 20, 2022

Awesome, John! Kudos!

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