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In-Market CX Has Been Redefined

Providing customer experience services is like real estate — it’s all about location, location, location.

There are vendors that offer offshore support by non native speakers. Then you have the modern service provider that meets clients, and their customers, on a local level. That’s what we do here at ModSquad. Our CX experts, called Mods, not only speak the customer’s language, but also understand their culture, their region, and their customs. Sometimes clients are simply best served by utilizing Mods who are located in-market (in a client-designated region), working remotely with stringent security protocols.

That’s because you just can’t beat having people on the ground, locals who know the nuances of the culture. Think of those regions where people may speak the same language but have vastly different customs throughout the area. What means one thing to a French-speaking customer in Paris might mean something very different to one in Canada or Africa. Having that cultural affinity can make all the difference.

In-Market CX Is In Demand, Across All Industries

The best CX happens in the language and culture of the client. From travel industry clients to gaming publishers, most outlets can benefit from being represented by people who not only have an affinity for the various cultures of their audiences, but who can bridge those cultures. Mods may be located in the client’s country or they may be bilingual speakers with strong ties to a particular country who are located elsewhere. Either way, each client determines the best way to provide great CX in a way that makes sense to them:

  • Travel and tourism clients appreciate having Mods on their projects who live in or are familiar with not just the host country but those of their potential visitors.
  • In the United States, health industry clients will often request in-market Mods with knowledge of the country’s healthcare system and how it works; frequently, Mods located in a specific region of the country are the only thing that will fit the bill.
  • Gaming industry clients may sometimes seek Mods who represent a mix that reflects their audience. They’ll often look for in-market support from gaming enthusiasts who play the same games as the client’s customers.

In-Market Mods Are Vital for Moderation and Related Services

Local agents also make all the difference in the moderation space. No matter what language is being supported, moderators need to review content with an eye toward the nuances of the culture that’s consuming that content. Slang terms may be common in one country and unfamiliar to people in another. While looking at material, it’s vital to moderate context as well as content. For text or video, moderators need to understand the markets they’re covering. Is the material related to people in those markets? Will the material resonate with the public or not? In-market Mods will understand the nuances.

We also see a demand for in-market Mods in other situations:

  • Live streaming support, particularly when those feeds are available only in particular geographies: In order to properly access and support the stream, the moderator will often need to be in-country.
  • Running QA tests or stress tests (to ensure the viability of a system that’s expected to receive significant usage): Certain apps and games are built for use in particular locations, and proper testing must take place in those areas.

Building a Network of In-Market Professionals

None of these services are of much use if the provider has just one or two support agents in each location. That’s where a resource like our Mod network comes in handy. With a bench full of multilingual agents ready to go at a moment’s notice, ModSquad has the ability to ramp up quickly. The speed at which we can launch a client project with, for example, a group of Swedish speakers, is unrivaled.

That’s because we’re always sourcing great regional talent. This ongoing process of identifying and bringing on Mods ensures we can quickly offer quality local support, at a speed, scale, and flexibility that is unmatched. We’ve helped clients change the way they think about staffing and have been part of many expansions into new territories, advances that would have been impossible without our ability to scale.

Great Customer Experience Starts In-Market

More and more businesses are embracing their worldwide audience base by providing them with stellar in-market CX. Key to that is the ability to deliver a great experience in the language and culture of the customer. With Mods ready to bring their skills to bear for clients in their own region, ModSquad is uniquely suited to serve the needs of businesses everywhere. Because we’re all across the world, and right around your corner.

Want to learn more about ModSquad’s unparalleled CX offerings? Give us a call today.

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