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Director Profile – Jonathan Kirkland

He may be known by his initials (JK), but Sales Director Jonathan Kirkland isn’t “just kidding” around! With four years under his belt at ModSquad and 20 years of experience, JK brings a wealth of knowledge to his role.

This Texas native takes pride in finding solutions for both existing and new clients. “It’s important to me to provide guidance on an ideal solution based on unique business needs.” says JK. “Yes, it’s sales, but it’s essential to educate clients on all the options we provide and structure a solution that meets their needs.”

We caught up with JK to talk more about his experience, why he enjoys working at ModSquad, and what his passions are outside of the job.

Tell us about yourself. What was your background before coming to ModSquad? 

I’ve been working with technology services and solutions for over 20 years. I spent my early career as a software developer. Because of this, I have a strong technical background. Over time, I became much more interested and excited about business and moved into sales. My career has been in solution consulting and in software and services sales for companies such as Microsoft and Salesforce.

What is your biggest accomplishment while being at ModSquad?

My biggest accomplishment isn’t just one — it’s all the interesting clients I’ve brought onboard at ModSquad over the past four years. There’s always a lot to learn as we customize our solutions for each client. This means someone in this job has to be effective at, for example, tailoring complex customer support and moderation solutions for clients across a wide variety of industries. Every engagement is custom and unique. Figuring out how to provide informed recommendations in our business is not something you learn overnight, no matter what your background is coming into the company.

What do you think makes someone successful at ModSquad?

Being successful at ModSquad requires dedication and the ability to quickly adapt to change.  From the start, you have to forget everything you thought you knew coming into the job and start fresh. We have a great team that is super supportive, but everyone has to pull their weight. At some point, you will just have to dig deep, own it, and get it done! Flexibility and creative thinking are crucial to achieving objectives and goals.

If someone was aiming to do what you do, what advice would you give them?

Work hard, push yourself, and never stop learning. Also, hold yourself accountable. Working remotely isn’t for everyone and can be a tough adjustment for some people. You simply have to be disciplined. Make sure you also balance that discipline with a healthy lifestyle, including laughter and meaningful relationships outside of work.

What else do you enjoy doing outside of ModSquad?

I live in the heart of Austin, Texas with my five year old tuxedo cat, Fishstick, and a blue betta fish, Dennis. I enjoy riding my motorcycle in the hill country, paddleboarding on lakes, horseback riding, boating, snow skiing, golfing, and hiking. I’m currently teaching myself Spanish, among other languages. I also play the trumpet, guitar, and piano.

What sets ModSquad apart, in your opinion?

ModSquad has developed, refined, and perfected a remote workforce model. It’s both proven and backed by process, methodology, and a robust financial model based on our clients’ data. No one else in the industry is as transparent as ModSquad. In addition, we truly want to help our clients by providing the best customer experience possible with our unique approach.

Please join us in congratulating JK and leave a message in the comments section below. Want to work with awesome people like JK? Check out our Careers page.

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