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Boost Your Support with Smart Social Media Tactics

Of the 4.66 billion unique internet users in the world today, a whopping 4.2 billion are regular social media users. One of the ways we’re spending our time is liking, following, and talking with and about the brands and companies we patronize. In order to maintain a competitive edge, generate increased business, and thrive in today’s technological age, having a solid social presence is a must. A vital aspect of that plan should be social customer support. When you consider that 18.7% of social shoppers in the U.S. are completing their purchases without ever leaving a social app, it stands to reason that they’ll also look for customer service in the social space.

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or venturing into the social support environment for the first time, here are the key steps to take to ensure you’re providing proper support via social media.

Spiff up your social channels. Focus on things that will bring you results and bolster social as a trusted support channel:

  • Invest your time and resources in the social platforms most relevant to your audience. There’s no need to feel like you have to have a presence on every single social network. Knowing your target audience may guide you to one social channel over another.
  • Keep company contact information, opening times, and your website link up to date. Make sure your social media channels answer basic questions about your company. This is an opportunity for people to find information about your business on their own.
  • Build trust through consistency in tone and voice, community valued content, and brand amplifying experience.

These simple steps will have a positive impact on your company’s reputation and the overall perception of your brand.

Be personable and engage your customers. Give them a taste of how pleasant their interactions will be with you right off the bat. The more relatable or engaging you are with your audience, the better.

Did we mention the customer experience? Yep. Zero in on the customer journey, make it personable, thoughtful, and (dare we say it) entertaining. One way to do this is by creating memorable moments to help you stand out in a crowded social space. Also consider identifying and cultivating influencers who are appropriate and meaningful within your field; they can greatly assist in building your brand. Finally, solicit and listen to feedback. Gather data through your social platforms to better understand your demographic and how better to engage them.

Use the tools at your disposal. Technological advances have enhanced the ability of brands to get more creative with customer support. This, coupled with the fact that a large proportion of those who seek support are now more tech savvy than ever before, means that you should aim to utilize technology in a way that best suits your business and customer base accordingly.

Embrace your online reviews. Love them or loathe them, reviews and testimonials aren’t going anywhere. Research shows that around 94% of customers have avoided a business due to negative reviews and that Google and Facebook are the most turned to platforms when looking for this information. But there are ways to manage your company’s review postings.

Build trust by replying to online reviews, including the negative ones. Consumers today understand that things go wrong from time to time. What matters most is how you deal with it. Ignoring negative reviews and hoping they will go away clearly isn’t an option. When customers can see that you take the time to make things right and connect on an individual (and public) level, they’ll have a stronger sense of trust in your business and will be more inclined to do business with you.

Social media’s continued growth has offered consumers the ability to instantly interact with millions of brands globally. With consumers’ expectations keeping pace, your customer support strategy simply must include social offerings. What’s more, you need to stay ahead of ever-evolving trends in terms of support variety and reliability.

ModSquad can seamlessly integrate your social media and customer support offerings; contact us to find out more.

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