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The Big Game Plan: Team Up Your Social Media with Major Events

It’s safe to say that social media appeals to people’s emotions. These feelings can range from anxiety to anticipation, and are often in conjunction with major events happening around the world. The Super Bowl is an example of just that. It doesn’t matter if your team didn’t make it to the showdown of all showdowns; the anticipation of this year’s commercials and halftime show is just as enticing.

The game opens a window of influence that any brand can tap into on social media. However, most companies can’t just drop a cool $5 million for a game-time commercial. That’s where it pays to get creative and join the online hype. Beyond using trending hashtags, creative outlets will run Twitter polls, or even Facebook posts that ask users to guess which team will win it all. The key is to get in before Sunday and make sure you’re sticking around a few days after to capitalize on any post-game buzz.

There are a number of fun, simple methods you can use to get in on the social conversation ramping up to big events like the Super Bowl. Your brand is already on social; you may as well join in the fun! The point is to show the human side of your brand and prove that you can let your hair down when the occasion calls for it. Be methodical, but have fun. As you start planning for this year, consider trying a few of the following suggestions to get in on the excitement.

Launch a Video Series

If you need a little inspiration on how to connect your video messaging to major events, take a look at Tide. Last year, Tide kept millions of viewers on their toes by creating commercials that weren’t obviously tied to its brand. The goal was to show that clean clothing is a necessity we don’t often think about. Each commercial looked and felt different from the one before, until it was revealed to be another Tide ad… and then another… and another. To draw inspiration from a campaign like this one, your messaging could include a series of videos leading up to a major announcement. Building anticipation is an excellent way to get followers invested in the outcome of the campaign as well as your brand itself.

Add Humor

Few things stop a thumb scroll like a funny video or meme. Humor encourages shares and promotes engagement. Amazon is one brand that got it right with its quirky, celebrity-filled ad during last year’s big game. While a famous celebrity may not be in your budget, creating laughs is free with a little out-of-the-box thinking. Feel-good, memorable content always stands out (and it won’t hurt if you can find a way to add in a celebrity cameo).

Leverage User Generated Content

Good, bad, or indifferent, content is king when it comes to social media. Of the millions of posts shared daily, the majority are created by average users with no agenda, but quality content can be a game-changer for your brand. Stay tuned in to what your fans are posting during big events, and consider asking for permission to reshare their content. Hosting a contest that encourages users to tag your brand or use a specific hashtag for a chance to win a prize. By simply showing interest in their content and engaging in a fun way, you can expose your brand to a broader audience.

Get in on Hashtags

We all know hashtags are the way to find your community on the internet. Use hashtags to get in on some of the trending topics during major events and see what people are talking about. Among the chatter, you may find someone who needs your service… or you may simply connect around a funny comment. Every chance to engage is an opportunity to sell your business, so make it count.

Aligning digital communications with popular events is an effective way to add a relatable component to your brand. All eyes are on the game: people are searching hashtags, shopping for gear, and building a community with other fans all around the globe. Trust us, you want in on this excitement!

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