Master the WFH Life with These Remote Work Tips

You’ve no doubt read other articles with remote work tips. But when it comes to nifty ideas (not to mention our brand-new app, Cubeless) that actually make working at home better, most of them barely scratch the surface. Luckily, you’ve come to the right place. After all, we’re pioneers in the WFH movement. So here are a few of our favorite expert tips from our Squad.

Get a Virtual Assistant

Siri, Google, and Alexa are all standing by to help you develop healthy routines. Schedule work events, break notifications, or even a few tunes to start your day off right.

Let the Sunshine In

Approximately 42% of the U.S. population alone is Vitamin D deficient. It stands to reason when you consider how many people spend their workdays indoors. Getting even 15 minutes of direct sunlight a day can make a big difference, and will help you feel more invigorated.

Build Interpersonal Relationships

Even something as simple as an hour at the dog park or an exercise class is a great way to get that in-person human interaction you may miss. Want to know your coworkers better? Join or create a fun, off-topic work chat and take part in fun conversations that will keep people talking. For example, BuzzFeed quizzes are a great conversation starter, and people love to talk fandoms!

Take a Healthy Snack Break

It’s so easy to reach for prepackaged snacks when you’re hungry, because it takes effort to make healthy treats. Instead, keep at your desk a container of nonperishable snacks like dried fruit, almonds, or trail mix. When making breakfast, get yourself a bowl of berries for the mid-afternoon munchies. It’s a better option than that “can’t eat just one” junk food.

Save On Sprucing Up Your Workspace

We’ve heard of a lot of pretty awesome furniture and tech hardware popping up at furniture resellers as some companies close down offices. Google “used office furniture near me” and see what comes up. You may be able to snag great deals on chairs, standing desks, and other accessories.

Create a Great Sonic Environment

While some prefer working in silence, others need some background sounds. If you can’t handle the quiet, try a sound machine or white noise app. If you prefer calm, meditative music in the background, you’ll find a wide mix of “deep focus” style playlists on Spotify and YouTube. And remember your virtual assistants — Google or Alexa can also retrieve those playlists.

Bookmark It

Make yourself a unique bookmark folder with websites you need for each project you’re working on (perhaps broken down by client or department). It’s a great way to keep those pages organized efficiently.

At ModSquad, we’re always looking for the best ways to make remote work more productive and enjoyable (we built our app, Cubeless, to achieve exactly this). Do you have a great suggestion? Hit us up on social! We’d love to become friends with other awesome remote work experts.

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