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We’re not ones to spike the football, but we do work closely with the greatest sports league in the world. Our gridiron-loving Mods move the chains with moderation, community management and support, playing the digital engagement game like nobody else.
Our long-time friends at Zendesk are well known for their terrific customer service platform. But they’re not just a partner, they’ve also worked with us. When a customer-relationship expert looks to you for support, you know you’re doing it right.
Sony Online Entertainment, the worldwide leader in MMO games, takes advantage of our Mods’ passion for gaming to stay ahead in the gaming industry. For years, they’ve relied on us for moderation, multilingual support, and technical writing.
Online virtual worlds with young audiences like National Geographic’s Animal Jam require child-safety experts working as moderators and customer support agents. Enter ModSquad! Our vetted COPPA-savvy Mods uphold the highest standards for online safety.
We’d tell you all the work we did for the U.S. State Department, but then… Well, you know how that joke goes! We CAN reveal we’ve moderated a community for exchange programs to promote friendly relations around the globe. Here’s to world peace!
Our deep experience with rough-and-tumble digital denizens comes in handy in our work for League of Legends. Riot Games’ legion of multiplayer online battle arena gamers around the world keep our multilingual moderators and community managers hopping.


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