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It’s not as much of a stretch as you might think. Consider that our Chief Moderator has hosted online chats with four of the five past sitting presidents. We’ve even served as virtual bodyguards for the Speaker of the House. ModSquad offers a full suite of digital engagement services that extend far beyond our traditional core services. Our Mods host virtual conferences and trade shows as well as online corporate events and parties. From e-tutoring to MMO guild research to portraying your favorite TV characters while engaging fans in virtual environments, our Mods can do it.
  • Assembling custom word filters
  • Creating chat dictionaries
  • Testing focus groups
  • Setting up registration
  • Hosting virtual conferences and trade shows
  • Hosting online corporate events and parties
  • Deploying virtual street teams to advertise brands
  • Engaging visitors in fan-oriented virtual environments
  • E-tutoring
  • Doing guild research for MMO creators
  • Beta-testing tools
  • Online privacy security consulting
  • Virus protection and computer system monitoring

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