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Getting noticed in the social media rat race is harder than ever before. Don’t become a #TBT relic! Harness the power of social media to stay top-of-mind with today’s audience. We’ll make it happen. Our Mods are an experienced team of managed professionals who do it all, from social media strategy to social listening to social media moderation. ModSquad will build your audience, listen to current sentiment, run campaigns, and collaborate with you on a cohesive social strategy. Forget Like — you’ll Love us!
  • Providing social media management
  • Creating engaging content for all networks
  • Monitoring and moderating all discussions
  • Escalating critical issues to stakeholders
  • Reporting issues, trends, and metrics
  • Channel-specific strategies for customer engagement
  • Providing SEO analysis and user feedback
  • Social listening/tracking real-time customer sentiment
  • Developing a crisis-management plan
  • Managing social-marketing/ad programs
  • Foreign-language/bilingual support
  • Tailored schedules with full hours and/or 15-minute scans
  • Up to 24/7/365 available
  • Big or small projects welcome

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