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Your customers are engaging with your brand, posting glowing compliments by day and outlandish complaints by night. When it comes to text, image, and video content moderation, you need an experienced Mod to represent and protect your brand with the right human touch. Across all platforms, languages, and regions, ModSquad is the premier resource for social and user-generated content moderation.
  • Monitoring and engaging in conversations
  • Ensuring brand protection and audience safety
  • Reviewing chat-room, message boards and comments content
  • Escalating critical issues to stakeholders
  • Cross-platform strategies for moderation
  • Implementing behavior-management software
  • Chat and safety toolset recommendations
  • COPPA compliance and child safety best practices
  • Foreign-language/bilingual moderation
  • Tailored scheduled with full hours and/or 15-minute scans
  • Up to 24/7/365 available
  • Big or small projects welcome

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