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ModSquad understands the power of today’s customer. That’s why we match you with Mods whose passion for your brand will ensure top-level customer support. Whether you’re large or small, growing or rightsizing, ModSquad has a scalable solution that’s right for you. Need customer support during holidays, product launches, or marketing events? With 24/7/365 availability, our managed support teams can cover peak traffic periods with ease.
  • Responding to customers via general, tech, and Tier 2 support
  • Providing web, e-mail, voice, live-chat, mobile, in-game, and social support
  • Fluency in many CRM and help desk systems
  • Utilizing and updating knowledge-based management systems
  • Escalating critical issues to stakeholders
  • Customer support and experience strategy
  • Customer journey development
  • Process, policy, and best-practice definition and execution
  • Implementation and training on CRM and help desk solutions
  • Creation of such content as standard responses, FAQs, and KB articles
  • Development and delivery of customized training programs
  • Multilingual support in 50+ languages and dialects
  • Tailored schedules to support your customers when they need you
  • Fully dedicated agents, or share them with other projects
  • Up to 24/7/365 available; we work holidays so you don’t have to
  • Big or small projects welcome

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