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Yes, It’s Already Time to Plan for Seasonal Customer Support

We know that summer grilling is really on your mind. But are you ready for the holiday season?

We’re not saying it’s time to dig out the decorations, but you do need to to start planning for your end-of-year customer experience needs.

The seasonal spike is great for business. As sales increase, you’ll no doubt see an increase in support requests. It’s an opportunity to make sure your customers have a great experience with your brand. Instill loyalty in return customers. Impress new ones. You can set the tone not just for the season, but for the year.

So how do you get the temporary customer support you need to capitalize on your seasonal rush? 

(Don’t worry, we’ll make this fast so you can get back to the grill or the pool or wherever you’re enjoying the summer.) 

In-house (still) isn’t the answer

It’s always tempting to try to handle support in-house — especially in today’s economy.  It’s easy to forget how challenging that really is, even more so for a short season.

Your talent pool will be limited to folks who live within commuting distance of your office. Depending on where you’re located, the cost of living might mean wages are prohibitively expensive.  

You’re likely going to have to hire full time employees — most folks aren’t going to want to come in for a few hours at a time. That fixed schedule usually means you’re short-handed if things get busy and overstaffed if things get slow.  

Don’t forget all the time and resources required to recruit, onboard, and train a team. They’ll need equipment, a place to work, and management. And then you’ll have to offboard them when the rush is over.  

Traditional outsourcing isn’t the answer either

The alternative to inhouse seasonal support is to outsource it to call centers or BPOs. But do they really solve your problem?

It’s difficult to even find a vendor that offers short term contracts with low minimums and flexible terms.

Their agents don’t deliver quality support. Call centers have a deservedly bad reputation — consumers dread dealing with them.

Then there’s the bait and switch: They quote you hourly rates, but sell you FTEs. You’re stuck paying agents for eight-hour shifts whether you need them the full time or not. That inefficiency turns low hourly rates into expensive monthly fees.  

Low quality and higher than expected costs. That isn’t the seasonal lift you or your customers are looking for.  

Seasonal support that works

We cracked the code on how to get you the quality and cost efficiency you need, while giving you the flexibility and control you want. 

We give you the ability to scale up and down on demand. You can add new channels or provide in-market support based on language or region.  

The secret is our customized platform, which we tailor to meet your support requirements, whether it’s increasing CSAT or lowering response times.

We give you exactly the right team with exactly the right tools at exactly the right time.  

The right team:

  • We have a global talent pool comprised of the top 1% of support experts.
  • Our Mods already know your industry and brand because they choose their own projects.

The right tools:

  • We know all the industry standard tools. We can quickly learn anything proprietary.
  • Our Mods have best practices and optimized workflows on lock.
  • Everything is secure with our patent-pending platform, Cubeless.

The right time:

  • We deliver services by the hour, not the eight-hour shift.
  • We have low minimums.
  • We can scale up — and down — on demand.
  • You can get short term contracts for your seasonal rush, of course.

At ModSquad, we’ve been delivering great outsourced CX services for the best brands in the world since 2007. We’ve given them the quality interactions their customers and communities deserve, with the control to meet KPIs and keep costs low.

Don’t just take our word for it; look at how we helped Santa’s Club, the ultimate seasonal business. Our flexible services helped this seasonal business maximize their potential. Read our customer spotlight for more details.

(By the way, our solution also works year round or with other short term spikes such as product launches. Learn more about our customer support services.)

Plan now. Pay later.

Don’t wait. Give us a shout today and we get your seasonal planning started. Once we customize your support project, all that’s due to lock it in is a setup fee. 

With a seasonal support plan in place, you can get back to relaxing and enjoying the summer.

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