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When It Comes to Outsourced Player Support, ModSquad Is the Clear Winner

Gone are the days when your gaming circle was limited to the folks hanging out down at your friendly local game shop or arcade. Gaming is a worldwide phenomenon, with international groups, guilds, and clans connecting PVP, MMO, battle royale, MOBA, and many other types of game enthusiasts across time zones and borders.

To capture that audience, game developers have cleared numerous hurdles: planning international promotion and distribution, developing storylines with mass appeal, and making the games available in numerous languages. But their resources aren’t infinite. To properly QA, playtest, and then support their titles, gaming companies often bring in help.

There are companies that assist with game art, development, QA, or translations. Unfortunately, with many of those firms, player support and moderation tend to be afterthoughts. The critical moment when a long awaited game is finally released to the world is no time to rely on a service provider whose CX is weak at best.

Instead, dozens of the biggest game publishers and developers look to ModSquad. Pioneers in providing moderation and player support to the game industry since 2007, ModSquad offers essentials that other providers can’t: game genre specific experts, native language support, and hourly rate flexibility. 

Our Mods are gamers themselves. They’re located in the same countries as our clients’ players. They know how to connect with those players because they are players. Want authentic community and support experiences? The Mods not only speak the same languages as your players, but as game enthusiasts, they get the lingo, knowing the difference between normal PVP speak and unacceptable talk. When you’ve got comments flying in during a live stream, you want someone who’s fully at home in that environment.

Our flexible staffing model also helps gaming companies avoid another common support pitfall: having to agree to a set number of FTE positions to cover each of your languages 24/7. Don’t pay for time you don’t need. Instead, develop a coverage plan that determines when you require support (based on your players’ time zones and most active hours), ticket volume trends, and which languages need to be supported. Whatever the hour, whatever the language, we’ve got native speaking, gaming enthusiast Mods available.

Why rely on a company that does everything just okay? Instead, get a specialist (not a generalist) to provide CX for your gaming communities. Get a partner that lives and breathes the game industry and has the flexibility to deliver great player support in 50+ languages, including the most important one of all: gamer.

Want to learn more about how ModSquad supports players of your favorite games? Contact us and let’s talk about what we can do for you.

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