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The Metaverse Mod Squad Guide to E3

SDC10014This is a very big year for the game industry and E3 is the biggest conference. All the major players will be showing off what they’ve been working on. Expect to see new consoles and games, as well as more than a few surprises. Make sure to catch the press conferences, starting tomorrow (Monday, June 9th), and follow news throughout the week on your favorite gaming news sites.

SDC10031The biggest news this year are next-gen consoles from Microsoft and Sony. Both companies have officially announced their hardware, but there’s plenty left to show off. Here’s a breakdown of what we’ve found out so far and what may be at E3 next week.

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PlayStation 4

By almost all accounts, the PlayStation 4 announcement was a huge success. Even Xbox fanatics had to stand up and take notice. Sony has made it no secret; they are focusing on games and gamers.

What we know:

  • Many games and tech demos have been shown;
  • Remote play of PS4 games on Vita;
  • Stream games from the cloud;
  • Stream video to The Internet;
  • Ability to post screenshots and videos via Share button;
  • Updated Dualshock 4 controller; and,
  • Stereoscopic PlayStation Move camera.

What we will likely see:

  • Price and release date;
  • The console;
  • More games
  • Showcasing of streaming technology; and,
  • Details on updated PlayStation Move and games.

Possible surprises:

  • Vita hardware update and/or attachment with triggers: and,
  • PlayTV update and integration with PS4.

Xbox One

Many agree that Microsoft had a lackluster announcement event, but they have promised to “…kill Sony at E3” and focus on games. We’ll see if they can deliver!

What we know:

  • The console is, unsurprisingly, a black box;
  • Ability to share video clips to The Internet;
  • Updated controller with rumble triggers;
  • Live TV through HDMI-in port;
  • Kinect 2 with enhanced motion detection;
  • Skype and other apps through ‘Snap Mode’; and,
  • 15 exclusive games coming in the first year.

What we will likely see:

  • Price and release date;
  • Games!
  • Specifics on the 15 exclusive games (likely Quantum Break, Fable, Halo, Gears of War, and some new IPs).

Possible surprises:

  • Streaming game tech;
  • Free online play; and,
  • Exclusive contracts with big developers.

Wii U

Nintendo announced the Wii U two years ago and launched it last year. While it’s unlikely they’ll be announcing any new hardware, we should see plenty of amazing games at E3. Expect all the fan favorites, including Mario and Zelda titles.

What we know:

  • The Wii U needs to shine this year and will likely be the focus;
  • The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD remake coming to Wii U;
  • A near-final version of Pikmin 3 should be playable; and,
  • A Link to the Past sequel.

What we will likely see:

  • Mario Kart U;
  • Bayonetta 2;
  • Super Smash Bros (Wii U and/or 3DS);
  • New Zelda game for Wii U; and,
  • New Mario Bros. game for Wii U.

Possible surprises:

  • DS/3DS player for Wii U;
  • Higher storage capacity Wii U model; and,
  • Wii U price drop.

This is just a small taste of what’s to come. Make sure to catch the press conferences below and follow our Tumblr account for more news next week.

Press Conferences

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