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The Grill Masters of ModSquad

Summer is here, and there’s nothing like the smell of good food on the grill. Grilling is synonymous with the lazy days of summer. It brings friends and family together and, when done right, can make for an amazing meal. Grilling can be much more than food. For many, it’s a lifestyle. In celebration of the season, here’s what we cooked up from a few of ModSquad’s grill masters. From special recipes to Instagram-worthy goodies, we have the “sauce” — literally and figuratively!

The Grill Masters of ModSquad“When it comes to grilling, I enjoy making it an all-day affair, hanging out on the patio and enjoying the summer weather with friends and family. Nothing beats a good steak grilled to perfection! My mom introduced me to grilling. She began teaching me the basics when I was in high school. You have to be patient when it comes to charcoal, and let the coals burn until they’re the right temperature for what you want to cook.”
— Danielle D., Texas

“I love all aspects of grilling. My specialty items are stuffed Anaheim peppers, brisket, ribs, chicken, pork shoulder, bacon-wrapped jalapenos, and spicy meatloaf. I started grilling 10 years ago when I moved to Texas. My favorite grilling tip? “Low and slow is the way to go!”
— Kelly A., Texas

“Nothing beats the smell of charcoal! Something about grilling screams summer to me. I enjoy the time spent with friends and family. I got into grilling thanks to my husband. He seemed to have so much fun doing it that I thought I would jump in on the excitement! One tried and true grilling tip I swear by is to keep a cup of water nearby to help the charcoal reach the perfect temperature.”
— Mimi S., Georgia

The Grill Masters of ModSquad“My favorite part of grilling is the warm weather! I’m more experienced in grilling meat than veggies, and I utilize a direct and indirect heating method when grilling. After grilling the food directly above the flame, once it’s getting some good grill lines, I know it’s nearly done. But rather than burn the outside while the inside is still heating up, I move it off the flame to another part of the grill. This allows it to continue to warm up with an indirect heat. It’s also a great way to keep any food that isn’t immediately served at the proper temperature.”
— Richard E., Massachusetts

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